The Woman Named Fujiko Mine #11 — Gender Identification Issues

June 13th, 2012


What the hell, Okada?

Reminder: The TBS shows (Place2 and Sanka Rea) are off tomorrow. No new episodes until next week.


After last week’s bit of trippy nonsense, you know what I was thrilled to see this episode begin with? A homeless boy Oscar fighting off other boys who had him pinned down (no doubt to rape him!). I guess at least it was bizarre and inane enough to sort of be amusing to just wonder what the hell they’re trying to do, but Oscar is about the second least interesting character in this show after Fujiko herself. She just spent the episode throwing temper tantrums in her underwear. Lupin also didn’t really do much this week besides lurk around and loosen the bomb for Oscar. Still not sure why Oscar had to jump with the bomb. You’d think just throwing it would’ve been fine, but hey. If it kills him, I’m fine with it. The stinger to the episode seems to indicate otherwise though.

But let’s see what we had here. After escaping the boy bullies at the start, Oscar leaped off a bridge began flying over the city until he found Zenigata on a tower and flew into his arms. He then woke up to Zenigata having taken him in and treated him. Skipping forward a little bit to continue his story, he dresses up like Fujiko, breasts and all, kills one of his own cops who finds out, and then a stuffed owl with a tape recorder begins giving him orders. That plan failed, the owlman swarm berated him some more, so it was off to interrupt an assassination attempt and leap off a bridge again, this time with an owlbomb in hand, presumably killing himself. At which point he appeared in a wedding dress, once again flying over the city into Zenigata’s arms (reprising the start of the episode), except when he’s almost there, he’s attacked by an owl. I can’t make this stuff up. Well, I can. But I wish I had to instead of the show giving it to me.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • shadow says:

    Oscar is a male or female ?


    this ep

    look back at oscar’s past being bullied then fall.
    rescue-meet by zenigata & loyal to zenigata.
    robbery attack cause by fujiko but zenigata see this is small.
    cause fujiko in cabin still bum with goemon watching her.
    another robbery yet lupin notice this is no fujiko’s doing.
    yet it was all oscar doing to get for zenigata.
    cue owl people want oscar’s help.
    so plan steal a dress.
    while fujiko hear radio mention tiara cue younger years.
    young fujiko get shock attack & owl still watch her.
    lupin hear plans of oscar while goemon also hear.
    parade on the go til goemon slash but owl meet goemon.
    lupin see bomb trying to defuse it.
    zenigata figure it was oscar doing.
    oscar all shock take the boom & “boom”.

    to be continued…