The Legend of Korra #11 — Hitting All the High Points

June 23rd, 2012


CG vehicles, gigantic flashback expositionfests, and teen melodrama, oh my.


I’ll keep this short since the second part’s just sitting there waiting to be watched.

Wow, was this miserable. And I don’t mean Tarrlok’s story since they didn’t miss a chance to bludgeon you over the head a few times with how you were supposed to feel about it. Why you were supposed to feel bad for him after the fact, I’m not entirely sure. But as every single character said, it was the saddest story ever told. Good lord.So let’s see how many of the Aroduc Favoritestm we have in this half of the finale. Major focus on the horrible teen melodrama love triangle? Check. Bad CG vehicles zipping around? Check. Gigantic flashback consuming a third of the episode? Check. Everybody is related to goddamned everybody else? Check. Fan-goddamned-tastic. I guess the big twist for this half is that Amon’s Yet Another Magic Bloodbender and Another One of Yakone’s Kids Unnamed Firebender was innocent all along. Whoopie. Talk about the dullest reveal possible. Not to mention that they already went out of their way to show that Aang could just switch on the deus ex Avatar State and power through it. Again, fantastic.

Onward to the finale, I guess.

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      Apparently I clicked a checkbox that I didn’t mean to. Oops. Sorry. Too late to fix them now though.