The Legend of Korra #10 — Weaponry By Dr. Wily

June 16th, 2012


Giant magnets? Really?

As mentioned last week… long after the fact… Young Justice is off on another one of its irregular hiatuses again for a month or two. I guess we’ll reevaluate what to do with it when it returns.


An exciting episode actually building towards a finale? Am I in the right season? Okay, so it still had moments of sheer horrible, mostly how they refused to drop the relationship stuff, likely building towards Asami stabbing them in the back, or at least being tempted too. The CG mecha were in full force this week too, combined with the particularly ridiculous Dr. Wily weapon of using giant magnets. You’d think the police would’ve figured out by now that wearing metal things aren’t helping. Then again, most of these anti-metal weapons are violating a number of laws of physics anyway, so it’s probably best to just not think too hard about it. There was the ill-timed pregnancy of extra dramatic timing too. They could’ve stood to have used a smaller mallet when pounding all the drama in. Lin’s brief scene losing her powers was far better than any of that schtick. Iroh/presumably one of Zuko’s grandkids was also a little eyerolling at the end just because I could practically hear the squeals of overexcited fans wetting themselves.

But anyway, about a third in, the invasion kicked in and things picked up. Not that I’m sure why they had to leave the city just to fly back in blimps… just to use them to rappel down. Okay, for the air temple, maybe, but everything else? At least drop some bombs. AHEM. The fights were quite well done and that was the important part, especially SpiderLin’s, although I could’ve done without the comic relief squad coming to Lin’s relief, with fart attacks at that. Yes, I realize it’s a kid’s show, but nothing ruins a fight scene more than a litle kid dropping out of the sky and farting on the previously threatening enemies faces. This is where the show could’ve used a threatening antagonist besides Amon though. He’s fine as a symbol and voodoo bad guy, but it’s tough to build up much excitement or impact over defeating nameless goons for the hundredth time. Hopefully they can keep it up for the hour special finale next week.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • backspace says:

    Oh come now, that’s hardly fair.

    Wily never used giant magnets. He used a robot with a magnet on its head. Learn the difference, man.

  • Baby Choo Choo says:

    ugh I did not care for this episode at all.

    I’m fine with the relationship stuff existing, but they keep pretending like it won’t end up with Korro and Mako together. The moment they kissed, that sealed the deal as far as I’m concered. Asami will feel betrayed, do something stupid, apologize, and all will be forgiven. Even though if you wanna get technical, she’s the one that got screwed over first. I realize deep, meaningful relationships/romance probably isn’t appealing to kids, but the way it’s handled here makes me want to punch a cat in the face.

    I thought the action wasn’t that good this time either. I mean, it’s always cool seeing Tenzen fight, but nothing made me go ‘wow.’ Same thing goes for Lin and I too was not a fan of the ‘ooooooh let’s have the children fight’ part. It seemed beyond cheesy, but blah blah blah kids show blah blah blah.

    I feel like most, if not all, of my complaints with this episode as well as the show can be countered with “its a show for kids,” but still…I wish there was, for a lack of a better word, a more grown-up version…on HBO or something lol

    • Aroduc says:

      I’m 100% fine with admitting my gauge for good action is shot at the moment. This season has been lousy in terms of anything with passable action or production.

  • shadow says:

    the ecualist have mechas, then in a future
    tanks, misiles, aero planes, radios, hey a ecualist invent a ipod or a pc too ? cool.
    It it serie have action and sure it is a powerfull reason
    for watch it.

  • shadow says:

    It keyboard , have not it letter :(

  • Shirokuma says:

    The relationshit sure is annoying unneeded extra drama, would have been smuch better without the gay bros.