The Legend of Korra #09 — Ill Conceived Plans

June 9th, 2012


Aaah, my old friend. Flashbacks.


Well that little deception certainly didn’t last long, although this episode was full of things that probably shouldn’t be considered too deeply. That the team of teenagers plus one old guy and an ex-cop stumbled into the Equalist hive the moments they started looking for starters. That they’d take the word of some random jail guard as evidence that Tarrlock betrayed them was also a bit of a jump. Especially if that’s all they were going to use to confront him. If not for the wimpy Secretary of Convenience, I’m not sure how they expected that to go, especially after staging a jail break. The teen melodrama remains as bizarre and clumsy as ever. You’re not infiltrating a terrorist group or anything, guys. This isn’t the time to be talking about kissing.

Korra, meanwhile, was just trapped in a series of flashbacks for most of the episode about some bloodbender/mob boss from Aang’s time. While interestingish, it was also pretty underwhelming. There was an evil bloodbender… and Aang fought him. All that foreshadowing and lead up to just show that someone in the past has the same powers as someone else in the present? Uh, okay? Is there something more than that or is it just so people can squeal about seeing the old cast grown up and still acting the exact same? Again, something best not thought about too deeply. I’m not really sure where they’re even going with that either now that Tarrlock’s been supposedly drained. I doubt Amon’s his father either since he’s rather spry for what’d be about a 90 year old man at this point. I’m not really sure who or what Amon’s supposed to be at all anymore, besides perhaps the scion of Nameless Firebender, who has always been the show’s true final boss from just offscreen.

That probably came off a lot harsher than I meant it to, but c’est la vie. It wasn’t a bad episode, but I’m not sure whether it’s rushing to wrap itself up over the next couple weeks or what exactly is going on. Chimp in the writer’s room eating half the script is always an option too.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • bk47 says:

    i thought Flashback was your nemesis

  • tom says:

    Sadly, the remarkable things about LoK is that the actions are still awesome, and Tenzin is more moe than Korra, but everything else just felt mediocre. The main trio just felt cut out of cardboard, and the love triangle from a teen reality show. Korra received less character development than Lin.