The Legend of Korra #08 — …More CG Cars

June 2nd, 2012


I think I’m more tired of them than the relationship melodrama now.

Sorry this is a little late. There were some… issues… capping, forcing me to rely on more traditional methods of screencap acquisition than usual, at least compared to what I usually use. Which also means slower. Korra just popped up before YJI. *shrug*


I know I say this a lot, but a pretty dull first half that picked up quite a bit in the second. Both Korra moping and the "Hooray Us! Let’s all go be Batmans!" bits just pained me, as did the CG car chase that soon followed. They also seem not willing to give all the relationship nonsense that’s been plaguing this season a rest. Granted, there wasn’t much of it this episode, but every time they did bring it up, every jealous little stare or flustered spazz-out, I mentally groaned. Anyway, the last four minutes or so were where about all the excitement this week was. Well-done fight free of bad CG vehicles, fitting surprise (blood bender) to give Tarrlok a bit of personal menace, disheveled crazy hair, what appeared to be Aang struggling to survive a taping of Judge Judy, etc.

However, I do think they could’ve handled Darth Tarrlok a lot better. Or at least a lot more consistently. He went from vaguely Sith Lord in the previous episodes to all-out obviously corrupt and half-crazy within a span of about three minutes without any real impetus for it. And then right back to Sith Lord. He really did have perfectly valid points about Korra that she’s not bright enough to be able to refute, it’s just that the middle bit where the crazy was ramped up to about 11 and he threw an entire city block in jail for giggles. I’m sure his crazy will no doubt to be explained in flashbacks at a future date too. Perhaps his father was Nameless Firebender and now he’s out to get back at everybody who tried to kill him.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    Team Avatar 2!

    Tarrlok == Amon!

    • Tachi says:

      Nope. Tarlok seemed way too pissed when Korra suggested he was just like Amon. He probably knows who Amon is, but it’s probably just short sightedness/pure self-interest that causes him to essentially prove Amon right.

  • blindability says:

    I don’t think Tarrlok tried to arrest an entire neighbourhood of non-benders just for giggles; I don’t necessarily think he did it just to lure Korra and gang out either though. I think he’s the other extreme: Amon wants all benders done away with and Tarrlok wants all non-benders under tight control. that presents the perfect position for Korra to take: be in the middle. she agrees with neither Amon nor Tarrlok, but will have to come up with something that satisfies both benders and non-benders.

    I’ll agree that Tarrlok’s character has been inconsistent since his first appearance, but maybe he’s just an unstable individual… we’ll probably learn more about him; I’m particularly interested in knowing how he learned to blood bend (although it’s also possible that he just came up with it himself).