Sanka Rea #11 — Cosplay Academy

June 21st, 2012


God, just kiss him already.

Just FYI, both TBS shows (this and Place2) are having their broadcasts delayed by a little over an hour next week. Expect them to be a little late.


Has it really been an entire month since Doofus was kidnapped? Yes. Yes it has. And beginning this by the maids ‘overpowering’ Rea and forcefully dressing her into a bunny girl suit before she remembered that she has super strength wasn’t helping matters much either. Nor, for that matter, was the woeful understanding of fencing. The thing about suspension of disbelief is that it only works when the audience doesn’t know what the rules are. Foils do not work like that. And they sure as hell do not puncture fencing vests… TWICE. My two years of highschool fencing have ruined this episode.

Joking aside, the usual pacing and pandering problems as always. Doofus didn’t do anything but make fun of Daddy Dearest for being a creep until Rea showed up and stood up to him in her T&A outfit. Then Doofus switched to "What about what Rea waaaants?" until Daddy collapsed in flashbacks and tears before jumping on a plane and flying away. The last few minutes were then just obnoxious fanservice and pandering, half of which were Ranko’s breasts and ass filling up most of the camera and the rest Rea squriming in a mini-nurse outfit. Plus the most painfully crowbarred-in childhood promise flashback nonsense I’ve seen in years. Way to be, Deen.


Random whatever.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery


    So this episode

    Cat hair boy being drag to room where Rea’s dad challenge to sword fight. While Rea arrive got maid trap to put on random outfits by the maids. Indeed that Rea have no time for this break the chain to rescue cat hair boy.

    Meanwhile Cat hair boy vs Rea’s dad in swords give he see this bad idea give reason you are no good cue stab the Cat hair boy in the gut. Rea arrive all shock yet he is ok with hello Bunny of the Dead on Rea & headbutt the father too.

    Rea’s dad going why on all of this yet Cat hair boy give more why you are no good especially that Rea want to what is she want to do & not what the father forced on Rea.

    After all that Rea’s dad has seen the light to realize that indeed Rea deserve to do whatever she want as long she is safe. Plus don’t take her chastity so all good Rea’s dad let it all be fine now on plane to find cure.

    Oh medic for Cat hair boy hello nurse Rea all better with now & oh here Wanko to tell rea she want Cat hair boy too cause she is human & Rea is a zombie.

  • Shirokuma says:

    Wanko! … Wanko! Because at this point “zombie” is but a private joke.

  • ark noir says:

    bath salts > Hydrangea

    that’s the only thing ill debate about this anime