Sanka Rea #10 — Flashback! What a Feeling!

June 7th, 2012


It’s bad when I’m looking forward to Happy Bread’s breakneck pace.

FYI, both TBS shows (this and Place2) are preeempted next week, so no new episodes. Happy Bread is also expected to be delayed an unknown amount of time.


Good god, Deen. A 15 minute flashback about Rea’s stepmother? Seriously? Although the biggest insult may have been that little fencing segment, both for the horrible animation and for the complete disregard for the rules of fencing. Anyway, this woman has done nothing in the show so far but lounge around drunk. And you know what, that was fine. Not every goddamned throwaway character needs to have some kind of excessive backstory. Less is very very frequently more. Especially when you have the main character tied up by a bunch of lunatics. That is not the appropriate time to have a tertiary character wander into the scene and dump her life story. She was not relevant before. She will not be relevant after this. There was no particular setup. No reason we needed to see this flashback. No reason we should care about her. She just wandered into the show and spewed it all out all over the place.

It did not provide any particular insight into either Mr. or Mrs. Crazy either. It’s just another waste of time in something already going nowhere fast. Oh, she’s not his one true love and is just a rebound for him trapped in a loveless marriage? Wow. I hadn’t picked that up before with him completely ignoring her and her doing nothing but getting drunk all day every day. I guess after jamming in the Mero episode out of nowhere, I shouldn’t be surprised. At this rate, they should just go for the record. Thanks to the skip next week, only one more flashback/cutaway episode and they can have gone an entire month between Doofus being kidnapped and reaching the guy who kidnapped him.


Just end this, Deen.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    next up is a flashback episode of the MC’s perverted friend

  • Anonymous says:

    Both this and Wanko’s flashbacks were in the manga, but they filled 2 or 3 pages at most. DEEN is really expanding as much fluff as they can.


    oh my indeed living with rea’s dad is bad for your life

    cat hair boy all belt tied being offer a drink but NO then enter aria all drunk.
    some talk & mention being not rea’s mom cue flashback past.
    cause she was a maid of many to see worthy to be wife of rea’s father.
    all focus & ready later be top maid for rea’s father.
    then one day fencing event rea’s father meet girl in wheelchair fall in love.
    get married but gone after give birth to rea.
    rea’s dad a total mess then aria fix him up & got married to him.
    wanting to get time with rea’s father but yea nothing happen.
    then butler reveal the TRUTH yea cause rea’s father obsession.
    that rea look like her mom (aka wakaba moe/yuki’s mom likeness effect from mirai nikki).
    so all yea cant’ reach him now try to get cat hair boy but falled.
    oh here babu yea try to relax on babu cue z-word & rea on the way to cat hair boy.
    cat hair boy enter room of rea obsession picture & yea here the father.

    next ep rea on the rescue & en garde cat hair boy.