Revolting Breasts #11 — Oh God, The Blob Returns

June 12th, 2012


Bad memories. Bad memories. Bad memories.

Oopsies. Another evening of forgetting that this existed. Ahem.


It’s not like I had any kind of expectations for these fights, but I did find it amusing how the first thing it did after the OP was to cut to Milk Shotgun futzing around. And then they kept doing it through the episode. Most of the fights ended fairly anticlimactically with either otherworld naked hugs or mutual orgasmic electric hugs. Even the big one between vibrating underwear just had them rub their swords together until one collapsed from orgasm and then turned into a cloud of steam. I wish I was joking, but I’m also kind of glad I’m not. It also bears mentioning that it followed up that big moment by cutting away to the angel taking a bath. …Which is also what they did with the defeated characters. Put them in a bath. In the throne room. Don’t these people have dungeons? Or at least a guest room? Is dragging your prisoners to the throne room and then throwing them in some liquid really the best security the kingdom has to offer?

But speaking of rubbing vibrating swords together, I guess that was the big thing of the episode; Melona popping up again, faking to be Drillhead and grabbing the super vibro armor. From her general reaction to it, all she did was add an internal vibrator and paint it blue. She taunted Vibrogirl for a little bit and then they both revved up their chainsaw swords/vibrating underwear and mostly crossed their legs and squirmed while moaning. That’s more of the kind of fight I expect. At least Melona’s breasts didn’t explode into a nuclear cloud of acidic breast milk again. That’s my one memory from the entire previous run and it is not a pleasant one.

There was a new ED too for some reason. View it at your own risk.


What happened to the skypirate anyway?

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    Another fine episode of Queens Blade.


    two ymir oh wait it kugi melona she back.

  • someone says:

    Love the 2nd outro.

  • shadow says:

    the fights are bads…..


    this ep

    aldra all beat her puppet attack see annelotte got underworld blood while “ymir” ha ha.
    lalia search for past qb’s people no luck.
    ymir have talk with “certain” person but nap oh see mirim go like who are you?
    lunaluna & braun brawl go at it.
    aldra get up go charge then ask the question about harem & get husband?
    annelotte said no just want see the queen ao aldra free annelotte from dark gold mode.
    ask why cause it a “feeling” so aldra left go to husband & cook.
    queen clau squash kung fu sisters & siggy doing fire ball attack on huit & vante.
    mirim, ymir, & eilin under table to get answers.
    lunaluna go for grab but her & braun both got elec-trigger with dragon vs butterfly?!
    oh busted two ymir the fake get armor & chase is on.
    mirim vs fake then both go full “charge” with mirim standing & fake oh it melona!!!
    now everyone all going to see queen while melona is ready set it all.