Place to Place #11 — Named After the Dog

June 21st, 2012


Poor Renai Jones.

Just FYI, both TBS shows (this and Sanka Rea) are having their broadcasts delayed by a little over an hour next week. Expect them to be a little late.


I feel like we just saw most of the New Years/Festival first half first three quarters, only with slightly different props. I preferred the other stuff after all that, mostly playing around with the mochi motti (Japanese romanizations are silly). Calling Tsumiki flat for her hammer skills (Wordplay!) was probably tempting fate though. The second half final six minutes or so was surprisingly dull for having the normally more energetic and out of control friends around again. They mostly just clustered around a heater, warming themselves on it and each other.

Otherwise, can’t think of a whole ton to say. The week off probably dulled my ability to distinguish between episodes of this show and this one didn’t have almost any of the slapstick or physical humor that has always been its strongest point. I guess at least it’s not spawning some terrible melodrama to end the show, just an awkwarder Io/Tsumiki moment.


Infesting creatures.

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One Lonely Comment

  • rufe says:

    Ti and chi are interchangeable since it’s part of the “ta” series. I don’t entirely understand why it’s tti, but somehow that’s supposed to be comical or cute or something….