Nyarlko #11 — Friendly Fire

June 18th, 2012


I got nothing.


Yawn. Same old, same old. Drop random girl in Mahiro’s lap, use jealousy as an excuse… again… to go through everybody’s standard catchphrase/gimmick, then do a quick run past the rest of the cast so they could all go "Huh?" and that’s a good 75% of the episode. There was nothing even vaguely amusing about the kid (which is easier than spelling her name, Ghuta-something). She was just a transparent prop slash excuse for more of the same. Nyarlko likes porn games! She’s got some kind of crazy food! Cthuko wants some indirect X off Mahiro! Hastur’s jealous, but he’s a boy! They could’ve at least used a dog or some kind of miniature creeping horror pet instead of a little girl. It could’ve done all the same things and at least then their jealousy would’ve been a whole lot more inane. Plus the entire obviously cloying aspect wouldn’t exist. Oh right, it’s Xebec.

Mahiro may have even gotten worse this week too since he kept flashing back to the kiss and blushing every time he got within four feet of Nyarlko. So now even the forks to various body parts are gone, replaced by squirming and hormones. Great. I also wanted to strangle him during the kid’s intro scene since his response to about 7 sentences in a row was to just repeat the last word said and add a question mark. A parrot would’ve been able to hold up his side of the conversation. And then there’s the once again totally serious cliffhanger of all the aliens leaving after he yelled at them to screw off because they hurt him and the girl via friendly fire. …Which he’s only done some forty times before (and spent half the episode fleeing from them too) and was also the cliffhanger for the ending of episode 3 I believe, although I didn’t bother to actually check. But it’s the end of the show, so this time it’s super duper extra cereal and meaningful and junk. Can’t wait for generic Magical Girlfriend Show Ending #02 next week where he realizes he’s lonely now, but then ends with him yelling that he was right after all. Thrilling.


Old footage.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Benigmatica says:

    Oh boy, here comes Groundhog Loop day next week!

  • jingoi says:

    I’m going to kick the ass of whoever told me this wasn’t a romance.