Happy Bread #12 — Bread Ever After

June 30th, 2012


Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a certain new PV, one that is apparently too sexy for YouTube. Usually when people talk about straight shots to the labia, they mean something else altogether. Actually, I can’t recall that ever coming up in conversation. Regardless, it’s certainly a sight to behold. That show is going to be… something.


Eh. Whatever. Does anybody actually care or have any expectations at this point? The best I can say is that it doesn’t devolve back into flashbacks for an episode, even if all the stuff about Kaguya, Rick, etc, is still inane as all hell and comes down to him stabbing an interdimensional lizard thanks to Kaguya being all glowy. Then it ends with him telling her about the happiness of bread (seriously, his exact words. "That’s the happiness of bread.") while she munches on it on a beach before it proceeds through an ending montage of all the character that have languished forgotten, like the elves, the ice cream witch, etc. Rick’s big final moment of triumph was hiding on the side of his bed to surprise three girls who like to sneak in and mount him in his sleep. Great work there, dude. Glad to know you have your priorities in order.

Final thoughts, such as they are, below.


Final Thoughts:

Destined to be immediately forgotten and rightly so. Very poor technical production, rife with unneeded flashbacks and recapping things over and over and over again, and got mired in the whole garbage existential crap at the end. The characters were probably the best part, being pleasant to watch, good-natured, supportive of each other, and not falling into terrible melodramatic angst pits aside from the stumbling with Rick towards the end where it just kept retreading his stuff over and over again. If it had actually developed a passable story to go with it, or just had a lot more swords, lasers, pirates explosions, etc, it could’ve been okay, but alas. Like I said, flashbacks, recapping, and the animators were probably paid in old circus peanuts.

There’s no real reason to watch this. Maybe if you’re a huge fan of the game, but even then, there’s not a whole lot to get here. Or maybe if you’ve got a really bad fetish for bread. Now onward to the summer season and it’s… six… shows airing tomorrow (belated edit: Ugh, 7 thanks to Hakuouki suddenly getting a second pre-air thingy of the actual episode). Oi. Fun times. At least half of them air at around 6-8am my time so there’ll be plenty waiting by the time I haul myself out of bed.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Melina says:

    I’ve played the game but I actually like some part of this anime more than the game.

    The story theme of Shining Hearts is “Happiness”, even the game ED Song title is “World of Happiness” and I think the anime version gives more feeling of happiness than the game.

    Since happiness doesn’t come out of nowhere, I think they use bread which is also one of important element in the game to give the feeling of happiness in this show.

    I still agree about the pacing, it is really bad.. but if you want some action this is definitely the wrong show for you.

  • The Phantom says:

    “Destined to be immediately forgotten”.

    Agreed on this, nothing else to say about this show.

    And about the link you provided? whats the name of that show?, that thing goes beyond softporn…

    • uburoi says:

      The Aesthetics of an Antihero
      Studio: ARMS
      Genre: Action
      Premieres July 5th (Evening)

      You can tell they recruited a porn director. What I find curious is that at 1:52, he says “Queens Blade.” Homage or dis on the competition? I’m suspecting meta-humor, since he spends his time molesting the women; especially the demon’s daughter.

  • Wilfriback says:

    A show with a very simple premise: Bread and happines, it delivered that, the show never tried anything pretentious when it began and didn’t fell into your typical drama crisis which I hate at the last two episodes coughTasogareAmnesiacough, adding some fantasy elements well.. I don’t have much to complain about.

    I’d be lying if I say I didn’t feel the need to buy cake but since it was a bit expensive I bought crossaints and cookies about 4 and 7 times respectively on a month O_o.

  • AfroSquirrel says:

    I’m hungry now

  • Kururin says:

    I went to AX and saw a Neris cosplayer. Didn’t expect that at all. She was even carrying a basket of bread.

    Urgh, what was I thinking this would be like Rental Magica…

    • Quikbeam says:

      ohh! now that you mention it I saw her too. I saw too girls walking together with one basket of bread. one was wearing an outfit similar to Neris and the other one similar to Amil. Dont think I took a picture though.