Happy Bread #11 — …And Then He Was An Angel

June 21st, 2012


Uh, okay?

Rounding out the delays for next week, the MBS Thursday broadcast of this is off next week, but the Tokyo MX broadcast on Sundays is continuing right along, so the final episode will first be broadcast on Tokyo MX a week from Sunday (the 30th). Also, the second Kenichi OVA should already be out, but I haven’t gotten my mitts on it yet. I’m aware it exists though, better than I can usually say for OVAs.


Same ol’, same ol’. Flashbacks everywhere to recap things we saw just last week, standing around explaining things (like "ship full of crazy monsters and/or pirates" isn’t a good enough reason to kill things), Kaguya Sakuya being eaten by said ship of lizardmen, the usual. That was about the entirety of the first half. The flashbacks continued through the whole thing though. Good god, if you removed all the unneeded recap, this episode probably would’ve been about 5 minutes shorter. At least the music was nice, I guess, even if the insert song didn’t make a whole ton of sense… or any really.

The second had the royalty A.) Give him back his own sword, B.) strip in the back of their wagon, and C.) Cast a spell on him to give him wings. And instead of immediately going off to save the damsel in distress, Rick went back to the bakery to make dough and figure out what his true calling was until the girls told him that as long as he was true to himself, it was okay. For I think the 8th time in the last four episodes. But before he went, it was important that the random kid from about a month ago show up to deliver bread and teach him the true meaning of happiness. It’s not like there’s a ship full of lizard monsters to deal with or anything. The entire time, Ex-X was playing tag with the gunships. I try not to think about the chronology of the episode. it only leads down a dark path of insanity.


Generic final episode preview.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Wilfriback says:

    AFAIK this series is actually the sequel of a the game.

    • Aroduc says:

      It’s most certainly not, at least so far as Kaguya washing up ashore without her memories.

  • lesterf1020 says:

    Why can’t you people see the genius of this episode?

    We find out that the prince was really glad that Rick, a warrior who could protect everyone, washed ashore. So instead of doing the stupid thing of bringing him into the royal guard and helping him hone and master his skills, he steals his sword, leaves him in the dark and has him bake bread! There is no better way to hone a warrior’s skill and spirit than baking the bread of happiness!

    When Rick is asked to save the island and his good friend Kaguya he wisely refuses and chooses instead to try to bake bread. What better way for lizard men who have destroyed the island and feasted on his friends to end a day than with some delicious bread of happiness? I can’t think of a happier ending!

    Unfortunately Rick can’t bake so he has to fight instead. His harem chooses the wisest course of action. Instead of doing something dumb like using those archery and other combat skills they bake bread and have it delivered by someone with a kid who owns a bar on the other side of the island because time is of the essence.

    Hopefully Rick can deliver the gem to Kaguya because when the two are together it will awaken Kaguya’s true power. I really hope he also replaced the batteries because Kaguya has been wearing the gem for nine episodes and never awakened. The batteries apparently ran out when she was sleeping in episode 3.

    Speaking of which Kaguya is my personal hero. Instead of taking the coward’s way out of blasting the enemy ship from long range which she subconsciously did in episode 3 she decides instead to do the sportsmanlike thing and fly onto the enemy boat and surrender. I was deeply moved!

    I can hardly wait for the next episode! There will be bread!

    • Sai says:

      This is about as brilliant as Aroduc’s impressions of this episode. Someone needs to write an equally epic afterthoughts as soon as show ends. Preferably, exploding puppies level of awesome like in Angel Beats.

    • The Phantom says:


  • rufe says:

    Wait…what happened to the elves?