Happy Bread #10 — Tactical Military Finesse

June 14th, 2012


Attack of the lesbot.

As mentioned yesterday, in case you missed it, Place to Place and Sanka Rea were pre-empted today for amazing Japanese sports coverage. They’ll be back same time as usual next week.


Oh? Are there snakeman pirates now? It would’ve been nice had we had those in the show at any point before… and not in a flashback either. I’m also not sure if the royal palace’s soldiers are geniuses or terrible. Ex-X literally drops out of the sky in a cloud of fire and lasers, digs her way through the castle into the dungeon, declares herself Queen (okay, that’s more of a name) and that Kaguya is her super awesome master and they were off to do the usual ‘horrible’ RPG things invariably associated with an amnesiatic damsel in distress which we all know they won’t, and dumps a whole lot of other nonsense exposition out. The entire time, the guards are apparently waiting patiently outside the castle walls to ambush Hank and Xiaomei on their way out and throw them back into prison. The dungeon didn’t even have guards to come in and investigate why part of their ceiling just exploded. Are they that well-trained or did everybody just take the laser light show as an excuse to evacuate the castle? My bet? They were lurking in the doorway snapping pictures of Kaguya draped all over Ex-X’s breasts.

Elsewhere, Dylan’s crew got shredded by the aforementioned snake pirates and they just sort of sat around recovering. The girls ran in and got pissy, then everybody was off to look for Kaguya. Complete with yet another montage. Rick, being the least intelligent of the lot, decided to stare out to sea, just in case she had left by boat and would be coming back. He then went home. Great plan, baker. Meanwhile, Ex-X and Kaguya were apparently planning to just fly around until the enemy ran out of bullets. Great plan, team. You have lasers. Why aren’t you shooting them? Or did you run out of juice freeing Xiaomei and Hank in their awesome time wasting escape attempt?



Gasp! The sealed sword!

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  • Nanaya says:

    That’s what it reminded me of! The character designs are similar to Ar Tonelico’s… Been bothering me for a while.