Happy Bread #09 — Dwarves in the Air Vents!

June 7th, 2012


…Those are some gigantic air vents.


Wow, I’m shocked. After only a second break-in and getting a perfect look at the culprits, it only took them the royal army an entire day to track down and capture Xiaomei and Hank, just in time for him to get Ex-X up and running. How convenient and nice of them. And what was so important that it took them the day? Well, the maid was having a picnic and swim time with the bakery girls, which led to shock number two, perhaps three as well. After making Rick drag them out to a lake so they could strip down to their skivvies and go swimming, Rick just wandered off without even getting any eyecandy for himself and none of them tried to make him stay either.

So yeah, the robbery was followed by what basically amounted to a four minute picnic/frolicking montage. This season and pacing, man. I never thought I’d miss Guilty Crown’s runaway trainwreck. At least that was moving fast enough to become a wreck instead of just keeling over without leaving the station. And after that, it was back to yet more soul searching between Rick and Amyl. Yawn. Hit something with a sword. Something besides a loaf of bread.



…Where are the lasers?

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One Lonely Comment

  • Hey, c’mon! Doggy girl in a bikini! What’s not to like? (Rouna is my favorite.)