Exposed Angel Butts #10 — Lotte’s Got 100 Problems

June 4th, 2012


And bitches are at least a dozen of them.


It really says something about how much the other characters expect from Lotte when she can’t be trusted to accidentally wander away. They’ve taken to sleeping with her as well as setting alarms at the door and then lesbian-piling on top of her whenever she tries to leave. I’m counting that as an improvement to the usual status quo. I’m not entirely sure why Lyla was even in the episode though. She has a shotgun that shoots milk and ears only just enough underwear to cover Mrs. Terwilliger but her only defense from attacks from behind are her tightly clenched butt cheeks and convenient camera angles. At least she isn’t as ear-piercingly horrible as the previous angel Nanael/Hirano Aya though. I only watched one episode of the entire previous series and my ears are still ringing.

Anyway, Lotte and party finally decides to go be useful at approximately the same time as the bad guys decide that it’s time to teleport them all into one on one fights as part of their ill-defined plan that I haven’t been paying attention to anyway. Standard villain behavior at any rate. As was Lotte standing around there looking vaguely confused as… I’ve forgot her name… roots around inside her evil dolls for her ultimate weapons, a spoon and a small amount of acid. The curious thing though, is that with all the fights in the last 6 minutes or so, even having ARMOR DISSOLVING ACID thrown around (which of course, only scratches flesh), somehow everybody’s breasts remained covered. Is Queen’s Blade showing restraint? Is that possible? I’m sure not. They’re just saving it up for the end to all the fights next week since they didn’t actually finish any of them this week.


Final battles or something.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • RATED-KLAC says:

    ok then now wait til subs in 2 week time

  • shadow says:

    luna luna vs the amazing gladiator girl!!!!!!!

  • jingoi says:

    So Nanael’s voice is painful in JP and ENG.


    this ep

    an angel see swamp damage meet dwarf .
    anne wake see her harem keep watch on her.
    angel & dwaft know each other cause angel need meet with queen.
    ymir check her plans map see aldra all the food & tame the muppets.
    anne & harem wonder to get in castle so yuit got plan.
    angel lalia meet queen mention swamp queen’s doing.
    while ymir ho-ski blah oops but queen clau blast cream & hammer.
    yuit’s plan spread gossip to weaken the army to get in but all teleport to random area.
    oh angel lalia searching for reina from order of nanael.
    anne got aldra, luna got braun, kung fu got the queen, & aldra soup attack on anne.
    mirim see ymir (give there another ymir watching anne vs aldra).
    yuit & vante got siggy.
    anne in trouble goes darken gold mode pwn’d aldra “ymir” go like it over 9000.

    next ep mirim vs blue armor “ymir”, annelotte aldra, bath, etc.