Zombie’ssu #22 — And Now For Something Completely Different

May 30th, 2012


Just kidding, it’s more wasted time.


I don’t even care any more. This season of the show is just such a total abject disaster. Two episodes from the end and about the only thing they could’ve done to salvage the season is go utterly balls out like the OP’s teased from the start. So what do they do instead? Fabricate a new giant breasted ditzy character out of nowhere to rub her boobs on Ayumu along with misunderstandings about it… along with the best kind of flashbacks no less… "Duhhh, everybody knows this, we’ve just never mentioned it or used this knowledge before…" and do godawful harem cliches with Saras. He promised to show up over and over again, then forgot about it, but showed up in the end and she got her horrible indirect kiss after all. And what was so important with Nene, the giant titted imbecile that ate up most of the episode? He and friends had to help her draw comics. Someone put this damn show out of its misery.


Just turn the thing into gay porn, Deen. It probably can’t hurt.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • firecow says:

    Aroduc is getting pissed at this show for not having a freaking plot what so ever.

  • Killer says:

    This is why I hate harem. Next time, DEEN just make more Yaoi stuff, have better character a last

  • anon says:

    Apparently, DEEN have barely been following the novels and just resorting to adding their own material this season. Take that as you will. Last season was superior because shit actually happened.

  • ewan says:

    They’re following the source material though. Yeah, this freaking sucks. No new story whatsoever, even pokemon has a better story than this utterly disgusting shit. I can even feel that the director doesn’t want to continue anymore, the direction is like “I wanna get out of this shit hole! I don’t care anymore” style of directing. Which is pretty common to sequels.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait, are you serious? The actual Light Novels just go off into this nonsense with no direction whatsoever? Yeesh…

  • jingoi says:

    yay! more ecchi, more lolis, more cliche harems!
    Glad I only peek at this crap, had enough of that harem crap 2 years ago and really hating this filler fanservice crap when there’s no reason for…oh wait, the otaku who love stroke exercising to Eucliwood, Haruna & Chris. That stuff is ok sometimes, not all the damn time.

    Can’t wait to start watching Last Exile & Banner of the Stars.

  • Anonymous says:

    This show is much better if you just consider it a mindless comedy rather than some sort of semi-action show with plot.

  • Anonymous says:

    if you think this show is shitty, then don’t watch it! THE END

  • The Phantom says:

    First season was infested with fillers anyway, past the few initial episodes the plot vanished to never return.