Zombie’ssu #20 — Trading Places

May 16th, 2012


God, I miss the dismemberments.


Now this is a true masterpiece of Japanese storytelling. Putzing around with more school festival nonsense for a good half the episode before just up and having an antagonist go straight from nada to an 8 minute rant about the entirety of her plans. They skipped the entire menace part of antagonist creation and went straight to the villainous monologue. At least when Kyouko was around, there were repeated stabbings, dismemberments, and scorched flesh. Both before and after she revealed herself to be a bubbly stacked murder machine! Chris, on the other hand, has… picked Haruna’s pocket for the magic leeching thingy and then spent half an episode explaining her background. FAN-GODDAMNED-TASTIC. At least she doesn’t have a messenger hamster unlike the KING OF THE NIGHT or whatever the hell his name was. Yet. At least he was holding the city for ransom and actively trying to bomb the protagonists to death. Chris, meanwhile, seems content to bore them to death.

So I guess that the plot sort of moved for half the episode… finally, but I don’t know if you can call 8 minutes of info dumping and resetting things with Haruna back to how they were a few episodes ago ‘moving.’ "It was all according to my plan! I was all the new peoples in this season! I’m supposed to be a giiiiirl." Yeah, fascinating. You are a terrible antagonist. You’re up against someone who can be dismembered with little consequences and the most menacing thing you do at your moment of triumph is monologue. No, hitting with some liquor when he tries to punch you in the face doesn’t count. At least require his severed head or a gallon of his blood for some spell or something. Steal his hand and try to grow a new one. Anything.



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