Zombie’ssu #19 — I’ll Be Back

May 9th, 2012


Because it’s more hilarious when repeated half a dozen times.


Well, it almost looked like they would be FINALLY proceeding with the plot again off and on for a while. They introduced yet another new character to add to the other two who have been sitting in the background doing nothing since the first episode or two of this run. He’s just basically a clone of Hyatt (Excel Saga), only instead of vomiting blood as just a side effect of being her, it’s the entire joke of his character and as such, much be repeated every 2 seconds he’s on screen. I’m also fairly sure you shouldn’t be taking magical sealing rings from people you don’t know. Aaaand that was about it for moving forward.

So yes, just another time wasting episode, same as pretty much all of them. This one’s brand of saltine was a school festival where… surprise… Ayumu dresses like a fruit. The real surprise is that they barely spent any effort putting the girls into T&A friendly outfits, but I guess they probably used up their maid/waitress outfit designs on previous episodes. Ayumu also got Mistletein back along with associated "That’s not a kick!" joke which totally hasn’t gotten old after the seventeenth time. Plus Misty just spent the entire time on screen either screaming I’LL BE BACK over and over and over again or playing the OP, but Kyouko remains MIA and while Drunky glared at them after they killed Rocket Racoon and Grodd, that was her only contribution to things going on. Those two weren’t even doing any actual harm either, and yet still somehow managed to almost kill Haruna. *sigh* This show…


Unintelligible gibberish.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nan says:

    Now watch while they try to cram more plot threads than Geass into the last 4-5 episodes, because their writers graduated from Japan’s version of the online University of Phoenix.

  • DrackNath says:

    GO GO GO BUNNY GIRL EU!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Merry says: