ZETMAN #07 — Gut Stabbing

May 14th, 2012


Oh wow. They finally mixed up the formula slightly.


Better than most episodes, but still not as good as a couple of the early ones. The episode was better focused on the fight and while it didn’t have almost any of the gritty visual style of the first episode, it was at least a fight. Jin actually had an excuse for getting stabbed for once that wasn’t "nodded off in the middle of the fight." Seriously. The way he’s been bouncing back and forth between completely invincible and unable to avoid a slow attack from 8 feet away makes me wonder if he’s on a bungie cord. Kouga remains about as insufferable as always, but now he has guns and is actually making himself part of the plot after 5 episodes of putzing around. Rewarding his childish behavior and being a spoiled prat isn’t a great idea, but adding more guns never hurt anything. 

Regardless of improvements over recent episodes there was still far far too much dramatic posing and standoffs, completely ruining what should’ve been a visceral fight against a monster. They have the echoing creepy music and grotesque-ish creatures right, but then they ruin things by turning them all into chatterboxes and stretching out scenes that should’ve taken a moment (such as Jin reaching for his sword) to almost half a minute. When you’re trying to show how brutal and monstrous your monsters are, having them stand at the side and wait patiently before launching into a monologue isn’t the way to go. I’ve also been trying my hardest to ignore the Zet level numerical nonsense that all Jump action shows seem unable to survive without, but since they added one for Kouga too, that’s getting more and more difficult. All the cutaways in general could stand to be thrown into the Thames. Look at these tertiary characters watching things in progress. Isn’t that exciting?


Best. Episode. Preview. Ever.

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  • Mia Akira says:

    Best. Episode. Preview. Ever.—-> Hahahahahahahahaha!