ZETMAN #06 — Chest Stabbings

May 7th, 2012


And then there’s Kouga.


As the action continues to be mostly absent in the show, my interest wanes as well. The arrival of Super Kouga and the Friendly Bum Squad didn’t really help matters either. This episode should have been tense and action packed but instead it was just very drawn out and dull. So very little happened, and it did it so slowly. I don’t even want to talk about cutting away from the main part of the episode to show Hanako undressing cut to a flashback of her sad family life. What an appropriate time for that. It’s not like there’s anything else going on at the moment that might be exciting. Well, at least if the director and scoring was putting any effort into it.

In any case, the bugs are barely above the level of monsters of the week and they sure as hell aren’t doing a good job selling them as threatening by having them do little more than feel up the girls and stab Jin in the chest. And speaking of that, there were three more this week. Four if you count the holdover from last week. Ye lords. It’s getting passé. How about just a punch in the chops instead? Yada yada, transforms again to fight the ‘unstoppable meance’ that Kouga seems to have been easily handling on his own, and their ringleader, a guy who successfully… stabbed Jin in the chest. Just like the other three or four monsters of the week. The excitement here is palpable.


Claw shrimp.

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