Unruly Butts #06 — Popping Vibrogirl’s Cherry

May 7th, 2012


I… I don’t think hymens are supposed to explode in a bloody torrent going 30 feet into the air.

At some point between episode 3 and 4, I’m not sure what happened, but I got it into my head that this aired Tuesday evenings (my time) instead of Mondays. That unfortunate realization put a damper on my evening.


They really mixed things up this time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much ass cleavage collected in one spot. Another Vibrogirl episode, although this time, they stuck their own versions on Shrimpy and Lotte so they could enjoy the sensations of wearing a gigantic vibrator too. The important events of the episode… or at least as much so as anything in this show can be called important… all took place in the second half after a particularly hilarious shot of hover-horses coasting along on a cloud of dust. I’d say that’s a new low for terrible animation for this show, but I know that’s a lie.

Even then, it took some more of the generic fighting where Vibrogirl keeps her eyes shut and legs crossed the entire time yet manages to easily defeat Lotte before they got to actual progression. After coming to the genius-level conclusion that the brightly glowing gems were the source of the super vibrating power, Lotte tried to stab one, which made her horse-powers go berserk and transform her into an evil witch that prodded Vibrogirl’s gemnipples repeatedly with her sword until her crotch exploded in a torrent of… red… that got sucked right into the horse. Maybe that’s some other Queen’s Blade character that I should recognize, but I cherish my ignorance. And then Drills jacked Maidrobo before the Pirate dragged them off by Maidrobo’s nuclear glowing crotch. I have no idea why it was even shining like the sun. They had the camera literally shoved in there not 10 seconds earlier. What changed between those two shots that forced censorship? What was different? Also, you’ve already had an octopus having sex with a girl in a shed while another girl masturbates in the middle of the street. How can whatever that was be worse? I hope no answer exists.



Saving the robot.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sams says:

    ‘How can whatever that was be worse? I hope no answer exists.’

    Prepare to have your hopes crushed :lol:

  • ninja-KLAC storm rangers says:

    oh YES YES YES indeed keep watching it get more good to watch yea if subs can come faster!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    they added player 2 lotte to the anime

  • KLAC-vengers says:

    so looking at it

    mirim chainsaw a castle & get royal army bathing.
    huit wonder to counter mirim’s armor so make copy suit.
    also for annlotte give same “vibes”.
    huit trying get mirim to leave army cause ymir is HO-SKI.
    so annelotte & harem crew launch attack on ymir & mirim.
    see attack the crystal but horse of annelotte.
    cue a “female” going it can’t be with sig look at “female”.
    say hello to golden black hair gilga-lotte.
    total squash on mirim & destroy the crystal.
    which now goes to the horse necklace.
    then robot-elf got ymir jack & dump mirim.
    but here come the pirate lady now got robot-elf.

    next ep rescue the robot-elf from pirate lady.