The Legend of Korra #06 — Professional Sports

May 12th, 2012


Because as you know, pro athletes are all about dressing up as their mascots. Especially the Redskins.


Pretty dull episode until Amon showed up. I still have no idea what all the probending nonsense was supposed to be about, especially with the championship match being the other team blatantly cheating to win and every single character in the show knowing it. And announcing it to the world. A couple cheap shots that got by, okay, maybe, but this was almost comically corny. There’s also the other team showing up wearing bat heads. I try to imagine if an actual pro team did this and can only imagine how hilariously terrible it’d be. Suffice it to say, this was not much better. I also wasn’t sure whose side I was supposed to be on when they were debating cancelling the championships. On one hand, bowing to terrorist threats? Yeah, that’s sure the way to peace. But the first and main counterargument to it wasn’t "letting terrorists dictate terms is a bad idea" it was "but probending is moooooooooooooore than just a game!" Them futzing around with yet more relationship stuff at the start didn’t help either. Nobody cares about who you are or were doodling, Tenzin. At least they poked a little fun at it before going all out flashback.

The end wasn’t much better in terms of writing either since it was just a rehash of the same Amon rhetoric as always, but watching people try to hit each other is still far preferable to all the probending nonsense and doesn’t have grating buzzers every five seconds. I’m also having a hard time getting a handle on the show’s technological level. This episode, they made a huge deal out of tasers being some revolutionary thing… which they’ve already apparently mass produced and nobody batted an eye when that one grunt used them a couple weeks back. Speaking of which, the show could use more and better antagonists too, not to mention Amon attacking someone who isn’t thoroughly corrupt for once. Still not buying the act. Amon’s a decent figurehead, but it needs some named consistent grunts that actually get their hands dirty instead of just a parade of nameless nobodies. We’re awash in protagonists, but all they’re fighting is a nebulous ‘revolution’ that after a month and a half, the only two things we know about it are "rarr, magic bad!" and that they print puzzles on the backs of their fliers. Didn’t Republic City have a gang or mafia problem or something? What ever happened to that?

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