Sanka Rea #09 — …What The Hell Was This?

May 31st, 2012


Deen, what the hell are you thinking this season?


It’s not like anybody cared about Chihiro being kidnapped, right? So instead, let’s pretty much ditch all the characters and focus on his sister in a pseduo-flashback. But she’s boring, so let’s focus on her friends misunderstand things and turning them into basically ghost stories and then investigating them. Fantastic! We get to waste time, use characters that have never been seen before and will never be seen again, and waste an entire thirty minutes! Mission accomplished!

The only thing even vaguely relevant to actual characters in the show comes up in the last four minutes or so when Merona’s leaving stuff on her mother’s grave. Rea pops up out of nowhere and due to the Japanese law where all females must have their faces obscurred by sunlight and as we’ve seen a thousand times over in other shows, there’s something pumped into the water in Japan that removes their long term memory of all loved ones, she begins mistaking Rea for her dead mother. There’s also cold hands too, I guess, but mostly it’s the sunlight thing. Sum and total of the episode, a side character who has done nothing and served no purpose in the show feels slightly different now about a character with which she has had no meaningful previous interactions. Again, fan-goddamned-tastic.


Oh boy, apparently another tertiary character episode.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow DEEN, stuffing a bunch of filler right at the end eh?

  • DA-KLAC says:

    well i guess take a detour for now for mero ep (all this happen before cat-nap of cat hair boy)

    mero doing usual sweep notice her brother more active & duty to rea.
    mero & her pals wonder strange stuff like if teacher is “something” with bag & meat.
    but it just a pet gator for the teacher to feed with meat.
    smelly stuff but smell for ramen making.
    mero mention a “zombie” give can’t let them see it due temple rules.
    one of them oops mention mero’s mom (cause she “gone”) & only memory of her mom was bandage hand & cold touch.
    mero went home hear cat hair boy & wanko blah then go mom’s grave.
    mero put foods here rea give rea amaze at mero.
    during which it’s remind mero of her mom within rea then slip feel & rea fix it for mero.
    show pic of rea that all folks.

    yet another detour ep next is the step-mom.

  • The Phantom says:

    I feel like trolled this episode, I could not care less about his little sister much less the other two retards that roam with her.

    Next episode is the step-mother, and is probably rea’s father turn after, and for the grand finale THE BUTLER!!.

  • Anonymous says:

    ….how are they covering the “furuya gets to know some of the rea family’s dirty secrets” stuff when they’re skipping over the events that lead to it? bloody adaptation decay…