Sanka Rea #08 — Terrible Presents

May 24th, 2012


I’d cry if someone gave me a flapper jacket from the 20s too.


I think they realized they had an extra 30 seconds and so had to toss in that bizarre pan over a bunch of generic backgrounds with blood dripping at the start as it was random as hell and really had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the episode. Of course, I feel the same way about the entirety of last week’s episode too. Speaking of which, Ranko’s sole contribution to the episode was taking a bath literally in the middle of it while imagining a particularly giant Chihiro head above her. Then the sister and friends wandered in and began stripping. What an important and meaningful contribution to the show. Well, I guess they told her that Ranko was out shopping with Rea before Ranko went right back into the bath and stopped even pretending like she’d ever have any point in the show… even if just briefly.

Unfortunately, it also brought back Rea’s father, who has gotten no less comically insane, and now has people stalking them while he fences against nobody under a gigantic poster of his daughter. Even his army of stalkers are a joke, ‘hiding’ in plain sight by riding mechanical animals while children wait in line. And especially when the annoying friend showed up as they were about to grab her, the ‘humorous’ silent conversation between what were essentially kidnappers just made the whole thing bloody ridiculous. At least pick a tone and stick with it. I also question how three men would be able to literally tie up and kidnap a girl Chihiro in the middle of a crowded area. My god, they showed people everywhere and Chihiro hearing her scream in the middle of the mall. Then they just grabbed him and ran off while apparently the crowds did absolutely nothing. And for some reason, I have a sneaking suspicion that the police aren’t going to get involved in this blatant kidnapping in front of dozens of people either.

And I particularly like what’s going on here with her hands. I think you may need to take another go at that, Deen. Maybe make her hair NOT give the illusion of another finger coming out of her face next time.




And now… to completely ignore the kidnapping.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    it´s the bystander effect, everyone thinks someone else will act

    • Aroduc says:

      This was a three or four minute brawl with everybody standing around watching it, not just ignoring it. The bystander effect doesn’t even begin to apply.

  • KLAC-vengers says:

    ok then well um

    cat hair boy still doing rea’s observe & protect while rea enjoy a normal life.
    babu unleash cat-leaf-ball while cat hair boy wonder rea do it as well?
    cat hair boy & rea goes mall fun time while wanko on the bath.
    wanko still hmm wonder to get cait hair boy here mero & pals to bath with them.
    while cat hair boy & rea mall wander there being watch mooks of rea’s father.
    cat hair boy is afraid of haunted house while rea enjoy more normal life.
    while her father want to “ruin her normal life” while fencing (yea WORST FATHER EVER).
    mooks ready to grab but that one of those two guys being blah blah.
    mooks just silent speak observe & yea let just grab rea but rea bench them all.
    next plan cat-nap the cat hair boy.
    now rea’s father plan some “spayed or neutered” etc ideas or worse to cat hair boy to ruin rea.

    but next ep is mero ep.

  • bk47 says:

    with cat boy filming her 24/7 I was wondering if he was turning into her dad but this shows not that deep