Sanka Rea #06 — Leaf Munchers

May 10th, 2012


There’s that Shaft pose we all know.


Ugh. PICK UP THE PACE. The first half was about 90% just completely wasted time. Almost everything involving the rest of his family was just painful and interruptive nonsense, the worst offender being his grandfather wearing nothing but goggles, a loincloth, and a smile groping/dry humping Ranko in the middle of it. His father interrupting him as he was trying to follow her was also particularly painful, particularly since it ended with "Oh crap, I lost her. Wait, no. There she is." What was the point of that? What the ever living hell did it add to anything? All it did was break the flow of events in motion and unnaturally stretch out the scene. Fan-bloody-tastic. So the sum/total of the first half was "she needs to eat those leaves to stay sane", something revealed about 3 seconds into the OP in the very first episode, and "now she’s living with him", which has essentially been the status quo for almost all the show already. Stellar. If they had wanted to be clever with at least the first bit, they could’ve had Ranko and Chihiro covered in pollen from crashing through bushes/cleaning respectively as excuses for her being all licky/kissy, but no. We’re happy making no excuses whatsoever for pandering.

The second half was even more dull. Chihiro mostly just followed her around with a camera going "huh, zombies" while she had the ‘good’ graces to just list out some of the apparently rules for this show’s definition of zombies. Things like no sleeping, no going to the bathroom, etc. At least that’s one cloying fetish that we can hopefully remain safe from. Even in non-sex fiend mode though, she’s still stuck as little more than a sexual gratification object instead of the person that every character’s trying to pretend she is. "I gave you a boo-boo saving your life? Let me just slooooowly and sensually lick all over your arm. You know. Like normal people totally do." Le sigh. Then again, maybe I’m just in a particularly bad mood since the next episode preview was Ranko having flashbacks. Wonderful.


Why keep the story in the present when you can retcon in character development? Great!

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kokoneko says:

    for some reason they are doing one chapter per episode. slow pacing is slow.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe DEEN shouldn’t have taken such a new manga series and tried to adapt it. I mean, there are barely 30 chapters of the manga out, I think.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, I was a bit surprised DEEN wanted to do a full 12 episode season of this manga when the manga is still pretty new and not much is done. This monumental stretching-out was inevitable.

  • the incred-KLAC-ible hulk says:

    so look like indeed cat out of bags for some of it.

    now cat hair boy got zombie kiss oh got catch rea & find those blue flowers leaves can help her.
    oh small grandpa give some advice while holding wanko (do we need that small guy grab wanko)?
    but nice going wanko boom head grandpa oops.
    now oh have rea stay in house the father-nun said yes,
    now cat hair boy need watch & observe keep rea all safe & well (give bit yikes that “car” was there yea hmm save for later eps).
    then oh get lick by rea while bleed (if realize blood & zombie taste means “yikes”).

    next ep it a wanko ep.