Sanka Rea #05 — Sex Doll

May 3rd, 2012


You could stand to… you know… not constantly sexualize Rea, Deen. A revolutionary idea, I’m sure.


Ugh. The first 21 minutes of this episode was pretty much a complete waste of time in a show that already faffs about for half of most episodes anyway. Chihaya puts Rea in a closet, ponders what a ‘normal’ life is, and then Ranko’s friend goes "REA REA REA! EVERYBODY LOVES REA! SEE? PICTURES!" At least Deen didn’t put a single shred of effort into animating that part either and instead filled it with pictures of walls and plants. Thrilling. Because they really need to give her more reasons to inevitably become jealous and develop an inferiority complex now that she’s discovered the naked immortal sex toy living in her crush’s room.

And then for the second half, we get Chihaya’s family cleaning the house. With all the excitement and thrilling developments of… sweeping. And… mopping. Then Ranko shows up to go "Oh hey, you know the school idol? Let’s gossip about her. It’s not like she’s in the other room and these wild speculations could actually happen, right? Hilarious!" And thenRea falls onto her as she’s snooping around and begins licking her/writhing on top of her. While trying to set up that Rea’s about to attack/eat her. Ever think your clumsy attempts to appeal to the least intelligent denominator might be at odds with your attempts to create tension, Deen? Because they are. At least Rea’s poorly written family was out of the picture for a week, but an episode dominated by the queen of wasting time, Ranko, isn’t an improvement. Let’s try to get back on track here, Deen. And pick up the pace a little bit while we’re at it. And by a little bit, I mean a lot. You have decent enough main characters. Now do something with them.


More boobs.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Miura Azusa says:

    >SHAFT director
    >not sexualizing their heroine

  • KLAC-vengers says:

    well look yep indeed could be the cat is out of the bag?

    yea give cat hair boy best tried to hid & also ideas keep rea safe, moving, etc.

    oops look like bag was open by wanko she got lick by zombi-rea.

    oh cat hair boy get zombie kiss & hug.

    what next?

  • pachi says:

    It’s by the book. Everything you didn’t like about this episode was also written in manga. The sexualization – everything. After all, this is a story by Mitsuru Hattori.