Place to Place #09 — Sexy Suits

May 31st, 2012


Those collars could be a lot more popped.


Obligatory school festival episode, complete with terrible montage and all. Maybe a little bit better than a lot of the really dull episodes, but still significantly worse than the sports/game ones. It was a little disappointing that all the other students from previous episodes didn’t even show up at all, especially towards the end when they were actually running the crepe stand. Tsumiki’s cat suit also looks like some kind of demented pajamas or the kind of outfit you’d expect a Da Capo or Key character to be wearing.

Not a whole ton to talk about otherwise. Very little stood out this week, even less stood out in any kind of good way. The Samba/Senbon bit at the start was pretty annoying and they refused to drop it for entirely too long. I was also expecting… I don’t know… something more from Io’s random generic friends popping up and appearing to flirt with him by ordering a smile, but no, apparently that was not meant to be anything more than the usual nose sparklies and noseblood fountain.


Trips to the moon.

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  • Athos says:

    What’s that? A crepe stand?