Medaka Box #08 — That’s, Uh… Quite An Eyecatch

May 23rd, 2012


Good lord.


At least this has no characters I used to like to ruin. It just invents new terrible ones on the spot. This week’s invented nonsense du jour is a discipline enforcement girl who has somehow been absent through all the previous episodes of gangs wandering through the school, taking over classrooms, and the occasional armed rebellion and is now here, has an entire army, checkpoints, and security systems in order to enforce the dress code. Yeah, this isn’t utterly fabricated on the spot at all. And then she learns the valuable lesson that how you dress is not the be all end all. The last time I think any show resorted to such a pithy morality lesson was probably He-Man making a PSA in the 80s.

The second half wasn’t really any better. Pinky got handcuffed to Spikey and then Boobs went along for the ride for poops and gigglies. I do think that the animation actually managed to be quite a bit worse this week than usual, which is an achievement. It could have just been the couple absolutely horrid moments of slow motion with Medaka flipping her hair back where it moved in slowmo, but time wasn’t actually slowed down, and the ridiculous blurred Not-A-GBA toss at the end. Really, Gainax?


I hope somebody hits something.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Andmeuths says:

    Somebody hits something?

    Hmm, your hope is going to be fulfilled.

    Well, unless Gainax royally screws things up.Which I can see them doing.

  • Kaisos says:

    Yeah, next week is finally the “good” part of the manga.

    “Good” meaning “marginally more interesting than what we’ve had so far”.

  • Embok says:

    I saw the post title before watching the episode but it wasn’t enough to stop me from bursting out laughing. And yeah I found it weird how she was all “I won’t let people like you pass” when those same people have been passing for the last seven episodes.

  • Kaisos says:

    I think Onigase only joined the Disciplinary Committee recently, or something.