Medaka Box #05 — Useful Visual Aids

May 2nd, 2012


They sure figured out what to focus the episode on, didn’t they?


Well, at least they found something to put on the screen when the needless exposition began. Sometimes. I’m not sure I could’ve understood them explaining how she shot twenty balls at once without this important visual cue. The floaties also don’t actually seem like an appropriate handicap for guys. Medaka has two floaties made of silicon that are at least four times the size strapped to her chest, as does pretty much every single other female in the show. I did chuckle a little bit when they tried to mix together the floaties pulling them up and the balls being too heavy at the same time though. You’d think the upward and downward forces would cancel each other out, but no. They’re swimming uphill both ways. Physics!

So I guess a bit of a step upward for the show, but it’s still fairly meh. The antagonists apparent for this arc are just dumb and it’s unclear what the show’s going to even do with them. They’re… really confident and risk themselves… for money. GASP. Those curs! It’s just like the crap Medaka and Spikey-Hair do… but for money. Plus, considering that previous antagonists have been violent bullies and attempted to forment rebellion against the school council by distributing weapons, I think we need to up the ante a little bit here. Have them be using the money to fund a business that mulches puppies and then feeds them to dictators or something.



More pool competition.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • lvlln says:

    Um, the thing about the floaties vs weight was that they impeded progress at opposing phases of the dive. That is, floaties made it difficult to reach the bottom, and weight made it difficult to get back up.

  • Dynellen says:

    This anime really could use some animation. Just endless stillscreen montages and maybe mouth moving occasionally.

    Say what you will about Shaft but at least they can make a talky show visually interesting, Gainax is just boring me to tears with this one.

    • Andmeuths says:

      At this rate, I’m smelling a Trainwreck. The next arc may well be horrifically badly animated, and they might try to shoehorn everything in Medaka Box into some bizarre attempt to reframe Shouen Action into Romantic Comedy/Harem themes.

      If this has an anime original half assed excused of an ending, it’s confirmed it’s place in the same incinerator as abominable adaptations like the two butcheries of the Negima anime.

  • TEd says:

    this anime blows thank god its only 12 episodes ill stick with the manga

  • uburoi says:

    They sure figured out what to focus the series on, didn’t they?