Legend of Korra #05 — Flameo’s Instant Teen Melodrama

May 5th, 2012


Now even more melodrama-y.


Ye lords. They really like the relationship melodrama this season, don’t they? Shouldn’t Tenzin be getting killed or at least attacked/depowered by now? The life expectancy for old protagonist teachers in any kind of vaguely martial arts setting is traditionally approximately 15 seconds after all. Anything would be better than listening to them whine about who like likes each other and who’s jealous of who and who’s who’s rebound pity date and whose feelings are sooooooo complicated. I will admit that I was laughing my ass off at the kiss scene. It was so so bad. Jumping in the volcano would’ve been a better plan after all.

Otherwise, meh. I guess the upside is that the relationship crap is out of the way and hopefully tabled until the inevitable Asami betrayal, but going from "REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE ARE OUT TO DESTROY EVERYTHING I AM OH GOD I’M HELPLESS I CAN’T TAKE THIS" to overly melodramatic teen relationship nonsense like the former didn’t even exist hurts my brain. At least it would appear that next week’s the last of the pro-bending stuff too. I can’t get into that at all. Who wants to see anything about the gangs apparently roaming the streets or the secret cadre of magic-stealing ninjas roaming the city that distribute fliers with puzzles on the back like all their members are compulsive hoarders and/or the Riddler when you can watch yet another iteration of "X singlehandedly comes from behind and saves the day at the last second in our poorly defined sport." The one even slightly interesting thing about it was how Korra sucked at it at the start from a lack of applied knowledge. So much for that, eh? At least it should be done next week too, unless, god forbid, they enter the secret no holds barred underground leagues. I might have to gouge my own eyes out if that happens.


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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • shadow says:

    the romantic leyend of korra

  • jpmeyer says:

    I don’t know if anyone ever told you this before, but Avatar is not anime.

  • vul says:

    While I largely agree with you, probending actually has pretty clearly defined rules. The creators have made an extensive (and incredibly tedious) fifteen minute video detailing them.

  • tachi says:

    korra is in fact a sports-romance anime

    the martial arts stuff is just a lure

    • jingoi says:

      Hope that romance part takes a backseat for the next 20+ episodes.

      • tachi says:

        well, technically, the first season ends at 12 or 13 episodes. that should be the end of the equalist stuff, and then the second season would be about something else entirely.

  • The Phantom says:

    This has to be the worst show of the season, is like a mix of horribad main characters, bad melodrama, boring sports, terrible plot, and inconsistent focus, on top of that it has this lame “american” feeling that I detest so hard.

    Every single animation in USA sucks, is either a clone of those stupid superheroes show, or a Simpsons clone, or one of those terrible looking CN underanimated kiddie shows.

    • AfroSquirrel says:

      Keeping saving your money for that trip to GLORIOUS NIPPON! I’m sure that your encyclopedic knowledge of all the animes and their verbal tics will make everyone over there love you!

  • shadow says:

    Korra is the version shoujo de avatar