Happy Bread #07 — Bread Knight

May 24th, 2012




Yawn. You can tell it’s an important episode when they skip the OP. Oh, wait, no. They just moved it to be an insert song wiAnd the episode was important because… uh… Give me a minute, I’m sure something will come to me. They… uh… flashed back to the royal soldiers confiscating boxes for the fourth time? No, that can’t be it. They shoved bread in Kaguya’s face until became addicted to it? Still doesn’t seem quite right. Oh, wait, right. It’s where they moved the OP to. Rick staring meaningfully out across the sea. Wow. Talk about deep. I may have to go lay down and just let the significance wash over me.

At least Xiaomei was sort of okay this week. A chatterbox while Rick sat there with a stunned expression for the most part, but they’re at least doing a good job characterizing her without making her irritating. Rick was decent too. If his little soul searching had actually had an impetus or some kind of meaning to it, his little "this is my job and who I am not" speech at the end might have had some actual oomph to it. Mostly, I’m relieved that he only thought about it and came to a reasonable decision instead of brooding over it for more than about half an episode. I do like how this show handles its characters for the most part, Melty notwithstanding, although that’s mostly the lack of hamhanded melodrama and angsting over nothing that plagues almost everything else. If only they were in a show that had a plot… or a budget… or direction… or pacing…

Oh, and some pirates got curbstomped by a battleship in the last few seconds.




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  • redlupine says:

    Remind me again how this is based on a game.