Happy Bread #06 — Knifey Spoony

May 17th, 2012


Wait, what? She has a bow?


Wow. The last third of this episode could have easily been mistaken for a regular RPG adaptation instead of some kind of baking simulator. It wasn’t even a bad little fight between Rick and Black Tail, although little is certainly the correct word for it. Or maybe tiny. Now triple its length and we can call it an actual fight scene. I can’t say I’m much of a fan of Rouna, the royal maid though. She needs to put a few more points into walking and maybe a few less into her chest exploding out of her uniform. At least she’s literally covered in knives, as all dog-maids seem to be, even if she can’t take three steps without collapsing in a heap. One wonders how she hasn’t killed herself yet.

Regardless, the first half was pretty much the usual waste of time. It introduced the royal threesome, but they’re more or less the same harmless boring bread-obsessed lot as everybody else. They hire Rick and Neris… who is apparently an expert archer… to catch Black Tail, a thief who is of course, the same catgirl waitress that had been lurking around earlier. And is also the only character in the show with a black tail. All that bread must be affecting their brains that they can’t solve this mystery. I’m also not sure I understand the logic behind an archer being the correct fighter to bring to an enclosed space. Then again, they were paid in flowers and bishie sparklies. You get what you earn.


Shaking down the catgirl.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    >All that bread must be affecting their brains that they can’t solve this mystery.

    Fun fact! Bread made from tainted grains can have really nasty effects, even in low concentrations of the grain. One of the starting factors in the Salem witch hunts may have been bread made from grain harvests infected by a fungus used to make LSD.

  • Quikbeam says:

    Yeah, not being able to figure out who black tail is simply based on the name is rather silly.