Happy Bread #05 — Stalkers Stalking Stalkers

May 10th, 2012


Did we really need an entire montage of them going about their day for what… the fourth time?


In case you were utterly overwhelmed by the breakneck pace of the past few episodes, here’s this one to provide a breather by having absolutely bloody nothing to do with the mysterious amnesiatic girl, dwarf harboring a weapon of mass destruction, cat girl treasure hunter, or invading pirate fleets. You know, all the boring stuff that nobody wants to see. Instead, here’s an irritating imp and his master, the ice cream obsessed witch, Melty. Imagine that. The Kugimiya Rie character being a combative mage obsessed with some random sweet. I’d complain more about how typecast she is, but I’d take this any day over her clumsily pretending to have a penis as she does in a certain other show.

And what are the imp and witch doing in the show? They’re curious about pastries compared to the glory of ice cream. And that’s it. Or to be more exact, sweet bread as they say in Japan, which invokes images of them all devouring various organs of baby farm animals. Imagining sweetbreads in place of ‘sweet breads’ is more or less how I kept myself amused through the episode. An imp wandering into their bakery and asking for the flesh of baby animals for his master is far more amusing than… whatever this was supposed to be. At least it looks like it’s back to the plot as it were next week.


Royalty and catmaids.

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  • GF202020 says:

    …and why does that one sister dresses like a nun?