Funbags #09 — Team Rocket’s Blasting Off Again

May 28th, 2012


How did they fix her melted dress exactly?


Just for the record, it took me about three minutes of this episode to dredge up any memory at all of watching last week’s episode. Probably because all any good guy did last week was fall asleep. This week we have not one but two ‘new’ characters, the useless ninja Izumi along with her inferiority complex, and Maria, a narcoleptic who doesn’t look at all like any other character. Doesn’t she know that she has to cover her eyes at least? That’s how Superman and Batman get away with it. I don’t think covering your nose and cheeks are going to hide much of anything. But anyway Lotte wanders in, training montage, wanders out again. And thus we finish the riveting first half.

Then she finds one of the demon doll things and in a true moment of genius, she successfully lures it back to the village full of useless children. That’s right. Over the last two weeks, the only things Lotte did were fall asleep, and bring a murderous demon frog away from an empty area into a crowd of small children. Great work. Then again, a bunch of children with slingshots were far more effective than the two trained fighters using swords and magic, so maybe she was trying to get them to save her because she’s completely useless. At this point, ‘Maria’ wakes up, uses her special attack, and literally sends the two demon thingies blasting off into the sky, complete with star twinkle as they disappear. I can’t wait for them to show up again next week trying to steal the Queen’s Blade Johto badges.



Angels, milk, and tiny girls with big weapons.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery


    hey i did not know chifusa manyuu was in this show yea same voice too as proof.

    oh a “certain” face is in hmm give wait for subs on two weeks.

  • shadow says:

    teh blonde is the heroine of the first season de queen’s blade, elina ?

  • shadow says:

    Yes, Reina jejeje

  • shadow says:

    yes she is, attack with the dragon tail

  • free-KLAC-zing says:

    this ep

    siggy is call in by queen clau & ho-ski ymir about annelotte & her harem said demon blood mix with annelotte.
    elina meet jailed risty mention “maria” give elina tick off while risty excited.
    two dolls wander while annelotte meet young chifusa manyuu (same voice).
    in a village of children due to adult battle the queen’s army.
    annelotte help train young chifusa then here come “maria”.
    mention bit history of “maria” then she nap time.
    annelotte take a wander see beaten queen’s army cause demon dolls attack.
    also young chifusa vs bear-mouse demon doll while annelotte vs evil kermit frog.
    young chifusa go all or nothing but not enough.
    “maria” to the rescue slash blast them off while sleep attacking!!!
    “maria” all awake go wander, young chifusa to protect village, & annelotte back to her harem army.

    next ep oh an angel.