Boobs #05 — Crossover Special

May 1st, 2012


What a waste of qipaos.

For the record, Exercising With Maken-Ki was released a week ago, but has yet to manifest itself. It’s apparently push-ups and rubbing breasts against the floor while wearing a leather dominatrix outfit starring the one who’s secretly packing heat. No I don’t remember names. Also, I totally didn’t forget about this or anything. *ahem*


And in this special episode, Haru from Accel World stars as a pudgy little goblin wielding electrified chains connected right to his gladiator woman’s nipples. And that’s about it for anything of actual note this week. So basically… it’s the same thing as last week only with a different girl and more electricity instead of just magical sex armor. IE, it was boringly bland again. Party wanders into arena. Fights someone. Runs off again. Yawn. Lotte’s breastplate didn’t even break this week. That may be a first.

If I’m going to let this run in a side window while I work on more important things pay attention to this, I expect something to get indignant and question humanity over. You can’t in good conscience call this show fanservice anyway. That would imply all manner of things I’d hate to consider, foremost of which is that anybody involved in making this has a conscience. T&A, sure. Fetishistic, sure. But service? If that’s their goal, they would’ve kept the exceptionally bouncy duo in qipaos around for more than about three minutes instead of going right back to the old standby of torture devices strapped to nipples and flouncy girl with elephant dildo.


Butt inspection.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • CM_KLAC says:

    so going YES YES YES more of this please to watch just get subs come faster to watch.

  • shadow says:

    now wait the subs of episode 4 one week more.

  • tubehunter says:

    the subbers are all busy fapping, that’s why the release is very slow

    • sams says:

      I think traumatized is more of the truth.

      ”Butt inspection” … really ?!?

  • KLAC-vengers says:

    so yea give annelotte & female harem crew trying to rescue mirim give they meet 2 kung fu females on diner who show them a gate & give a kung fu power up as a thank.

    then enter the gate oh it that con-money person all bandage give “info” to where ymir but annelotte have to fight branwen (give get shock treatment by creepy gold tooth goblin not cool).

    but it another con-trick at least siggy burn the con-man again oh fight was wow give end draw due kung-fu power up & branwen spare them & tell where ymir is hiding.

    then found ymir & blah then run the guards cause lunaluna did it again see mirim but the bridge so another day to rescue.

    next ep pirate girl, flower, & “yikes”.