Bodacious Sky Pirates #07 — Team Boobs is Blasting Off Again

May 15th, 2012


Also, giant carrots.

Just for the record, lest my austere reputation for promptness be damaged further, I didn’t forget this last night. It just didn’t pop up on the interwebs until about 1:30 am, at which point I was in no mood to subject myself to it.


Another pretty boringly standard episode. The ‘highlight’, if you can even call it for the show, was Lily rubbing essentially washing herself to orgasm while Yuit sat in the corner saying how she was supposed to be rubbing down Lotte. And she did it with just soap, water, and probably a couple well placed starfish. You’d think she’d have stolen a showerhead at some point, but apparently not. Drillhair also kind of just popped out of absolutely nowhere for someone who could apparently seize control of the entire undead horde with barely a thought. I also question why Shrimpy doesn’t have a backup remote. Or apparently can’t make one. I’d put that at a higher priority than visiting hot springs, but apparently lesbian rubdowns trump all.  

The low point was the continual cutaways to Vibrogirl and Luna2 to show… how Vibrogirl’s family is poor and Luna2 can apparently use her tentacles to create giant mutant vegetables. Because when there’s a pirate commanding undead skeletons and using a hijacked robot maid fighting a menagerie that is more cosplay prostitute ring than RPG party, the thing to focus on is the harvest. I’m not even sure where Lily went after Drillhair jacked all her stuff. She just literally jumped straight up and disappeared. There wasn’t even a little twinkle of light as she disappeared, just a fade into the clouds.


Ditzy elf waitresses.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    I was wondering why this was “Posted in Queen’s Boobs”, but then, given some of the screen caps, I can see how you made the mistake…


    who knows give i’m enjoying this YES YES YES want subs come faster to watch.

  • shadow says:

    Good episode, now wait 2 weeks for the sub

  • KLAC-vengers says:

    so shorten up

    annelotte & yuit rescue robo elf while luna go with mirim to mirim’s home.
    those 2 kung fu females again & oh they were searching for their “goods” cause pirate lady got it.
    here pirate lady who steal but don’t steal from old folks.
    so annelotte & harem-crew sneak in go search for they want.
    oh annelotte give pirate a bath rub til kung fu noise!!!
    meanwhile luna see mirim’s home & family very poor then notice a rare flower.
    pirate lady stick robo elf look hit yuit?
    while lunaluna dance the night til “oh no” on day?
    but yuit ok tried get remote but ho-ski ymir appear.
    then ymir take control of bones pirates.
    pirate lady pull a jack sparrow & everyone else ride the robo elf to safety.
    oh lunaluna ok just using her power to help mirim’s land.
    annelotte & crew back & now bigger harem now onwards.

    next ep re-introduce aldra.