ZETMAN #05 — Shut The Hell Up, Kouga

April 30th, 2012


Seriously dude. Why are you even in this show?

Just for the record, I did flip through the Sacred Seven movie. It was about 60% recycled footage from the show (as expected) and the rest was mostly random Night background stuff which I could not possibly care less about. At least Nanashi was nice enough to fill some of the time by lounging around in her underwear. It’s also been some time since a hardsub was the first source to watch out. Well, I guess the one hour broadcast delay putzed everybody up except for Viz. Huzzah.


And right back to "meh bording on bleh" the show goes, although that shouldn’t really be surprising since Kouga devoured at least half the episode. Hell, he even threw a goddamned temper tantrum because his super suit wasn’t the right color. If their goal was to make him be the most insufferable brat possible, they’re succeeding admirably. Sadly though, I’m fairly sure that we’re meant to be empathizing with him as a paragon of justice. Booster Gold is less petulant than him. Booster Gold. And then there’s the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Evol, also introduced this week. At length. Because why have an organized group show up and do organized things with a purpose when you can just explain it. And then explain it again?

Meanwhile, Jin is on harem juggling duties. Barging into showers after we watch an entire segment about the jailbait undressing, facilitating misunderstandings, etc. And then when it’s time to go off to save the damsels in distress, he gets stabbed in the chest. Again. Your formula is wearing thin here, Zetman. How about stabbing somewhere else? Let’s say a leg. Maybe an arm. Hell, go for the whole crucifiction thing. It’s not like you’ve ever tried to be subtle before.


Bugs everywhere.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • amyable says:

    Wait, so we finally found out what Lazy Girl’s name was?! Does she lounge around eating turd candies? Totally worth watching.

    • Aroduc says:

      Nanashi means “nameless.” It’s the easiest way to refer to her. Maybe they gave her a name here and I missed it. I didn’t really watch closely, just flip around.

      • amyable says:

        I once sat through a full 24-minute snoozefest of an episode just to see one fleeting glimpse of her ass. I can handle drudgery if there’s a substantial reward at stake.

        Hmm. I have issues.

  • willyvereb says:

    Kouga has a much better development in the manga.

    Kouga had to learn in the harshest and most cruel way how his ideal of justice is no good. It was a very brutal lesson that in the end steeled Kouga’s resolve and transformed him from a brat into a more genuine hero.

    Too bad the anime had to apparently omit that entire story arc. Perhaps I understand that it might have been too intense to show on TV.

    Another victim to the feared Adaptation Decay, I guess…

  • Burnout says:

    Things are kind of compressed here, but Kouga suffers a hell lot in the manga. At this point, he’s already lost one arm and part of his sanity.

    The problem with Zetman is that it’s a lot of buildup – The manga is just starting in on the action, after ten volumes of what was basically the prelude.