ZETMAN #04 — Captain Crab vs Gum Man

April 23rd, 2012


Could be worse. Could be a magical cigarette that gives him powers.


Everything about Kouga and his sister continues to be more or less just wasted time. He’s just cluelessly running on his treadmill, chewing up a third of the episode while everybody around him goes "Wow! A superhero! That’s sooooooooooooooooo cool." His sister’s hardly any better either. She’s just a cardboard cutout whose only purpose seems to be going starry eyed over Jin. Not that he’s much better either. "Look at me, I’m so stoic." At least he actually fights and is part of the plot though.

Speaking of which, it was nice to see them put at least a little effort into the action this week and that’s what salvaged this episode in the last third or so. I guess Zetman earns its reprieve for another week. It still wasn’t great, but compared to the last couple weeks… Regardless, the formula of him stepping in to save someone from a player, getting beat up, transforming, and then instantly winning is well past stale at this point, especially with the Player encounters being more or less just tacked on after an episode of things only tangentially related to them. Let’s try to work on our flow and narrative, eh? Although a more realistic hope might be that they don’t spend the entirety of next week explaining who Judge Dredd there is.


Bondage play.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    Kouga is kinda like that in the manga too, and get ready for a kouga-centric arc coming up, that will be fun.

  • Kusano says:

    Shouldn’t Kouga have gone through his tribulation at this point already?

  • Burnout says:

    Wow, nice – Four episodes in, and we’ve almost caught up to the manga! I’m actually amazed.

    Also, Kouga’s relevant, and actually the more likeable of the two main characters. Wait for him to go completely off the deep end, and bring his Batman fantasy to life.