ZETMAN #02 — Donut Mysteries

April 9th, 2012


Attention wanders during the slower parts.


Things continue to move right along here, although both Jin and Kouga were testing my patience in their own ways. Jin is such the perfect badass with a heart of gold that everybody in the cast, male and female, is swooning over and isn’t about to take no crap from nobody that I want to vomit. Kouga, meanwhile, won’t shut the hell up about being a super hero. "Here’s your soccer award." "Thanks, does anybody know anything about these arson cases? Tell me. I’m a super hero!" "Uhhh…" "SUPER HERO!" Thanks for that. He can also apparently whip out all manner of amazing gadgets and magical sprays, making him a pair of pantyhose and one effeminate boy sidekick short of being 1960s Batman… idolizing 1990s Wolverine.

Production was down a bit this week though, and Jin’s ‘fight’ with the new Player was pretty disappointing. Maybe you wouldn’t have been so badly hurt if you had actually fought back instead of standing there and getting stabbed through the gut. Still, the super hero show formula exists for a reason though and it’s nice to see something actually using it instead of dragging everything out for weeks on end. Generic unimportant bad guy roams around town doing his bad guy things. Offed by the super heroes, on to the next damsel in distress. Of course, part of that formula is characters that you actually want to watch, which Zetman continues to struggle with despite its ability to keep the story effectively moving.

Also, that one sidekick carrying a donut… He spends a few minutes just carrying it around, it’s the same size in each, yet he’s chewing something at the same time. That has all manner of sinister implications.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nan says:

    Auto-regenerating food is the real wave of the future.

  • Yue says:

    Shiny circly thingy is awesome.