Sengoku Collection #01 — Nobunaga Eating Things

April 5th, 2012


I prefer her when she’s hoarding garbage.

Place2 and Deen zombie show #2 both had their broadcasts delayed by an hour today, so they might take a little while.


Somehow this turned out as just another magical girlfriend show… sort of… so consider me a bit underwhelmed. Granted, it wasn’t uncomfortably bad by any means except when Nobunaga started stripping as she is apparently wont to do if all these feminized versions of her are to be believed. I’m also not entirely sure that Captain No-Personality will even continue to be in the show given the next episode preview (which seems to be a similar episode about Ieyasu) and the way that it ended, but as far as this episode was concerned, it was the same as a dozen other magical girlfriend shows I could name. Girl drops out of sky, lands on guy who takes her in, she’s amazed by the new crap in the world, yada yada yada, oh wait, angsty about having been about to die at Honnouji too, yada yada, trippy vision about animal-themed priestesses. You know… the usual.

Production was decent all around, but nothing amazing at all. The art can be a little inconsistent, but at least it’s consistently inconsistent so is part of the rough style. Not always though. Good work on catching that one, MPlayer. Didn’t even notice it myself, but I laughed as I was going through the caps. Nothing about that leaves any particular lasting impression at all. I guess it could be worse, but this episode just seemed hopelessly generic and didn’t really give any good indication of how the show is going to proceed from here. There’s just… nothing here that hasn’t been done a million times before and there wasn’t anything special about the execution either. Unless it finds some way to be creative, it’s just going to be yet another in the growing mass of forgettable shows of this ilk.


Ieyasu in a tracksuit.

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NightShadow2239 says:

    Is the main female character voiced by Rie? I can totally see that happening just from the pics.

  • sage says:

    Those breasts sure left an impression on me.

    I’m a very simple minded person.

  • AfroSquirrel says:

    I was going to ask when my genderbent Roman Emperors show would happen, and then I realized it.

  • The Phantom says:

    By the book magical girlfriend show, next episode seems kinda different though, so waiting for it.


    hmm looking tempt & indeed might be 2nd coming of sengoku otome this time in the modern world?!

    • Rincewind says:

      Sengoku Otome… Magical Girlfriend show… male protagonist… something is wrong there.

  • kaon says:


  • Kefit says:

    This episode was extraordinarily boring and had next to no budget. Nobunaga’s seiyuu is pretty bad as well.

    But I’m gonna stick around because I just have to see Noto Kenshin and her retainer Nakahara. Pretty much the most ridiculous casting decision ever.

  • Nanaya says:

    Remember FSN doing the ‘historical figure pulled into future/other world just before death’ thing? My entire interest in this series consists of seeing if it will end the same as that route did. What with the follow the leader game writers like to play.


    after seeing this ep indeed the 2nd coming/deja vy/glitch in the matrix of sengoku otome.

    only this time in modern yea only missing that talking dog.

  • I bet we never see that guy again. This isn’t a magical girlfriend show, it’s a man-from-mars show.