Oranges and Cats

April 2nd, 2012


"We’re just washing each other’s hair. That’s totally straight."


I really didn’t even want to post this much. I just meant to post the OP, make a snarky comment about oranges, and then call it a day, but no, TVTokyo had to rile my dander with their anitquated notions of video copyright and this became a mission of spite. …All right, so most of what I do is fueled by spite or at least a spite-like derivative, but I’m between classes right now and don’t have a lot to keep me busy, particularly with Zetman’s broadcast pushed back half an hour.

In any case, I have acknowledged its existence without posting a plethora of water weasels as was my original plan. This ended up being less work. I lasted about 5 minutes of them talking about oranges. Just… oranges. Oranges forever. And not helped by reminders that this show has only two character types, the ones who are bored to be here, and the ones that have to scream out everything they see. It is an improvement on what I did remember otherwise, which was basically endless collections of boys-standing-in-wind porn. That doesn’t work well without the long hair or fluttery skirts, and no, that is not a suggestion that they should be wearing fluttery skirts, although it probably couldn’t hurt either.



And now it’s Christmas apparently.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Richfeet says:

    Aw man, I thought this would be an anime about cats. Oh well, moving on. Fooled me though.

  • Skurai says:

    Since there was no pussy in this show they decided to put some lol, I don’t remember ever acting so friendly with any of my friends, must have been me.

  • rufe says:

    While they ARE totally gay, I don’t see why washing hair (drying)is what makes them so, especially between siblings (I would think it’s the girl talk at night).

    Have you never been in a public bath/shower?

  • eternia says:

    Those cats are so cute, I was fooled into thinking that this is a cat’s life anime.
    But what? Am I seeing a bunch of guys sleeping over there? GAAAAAY anime.