Medaka Box #01 — Schooltime RPG

April 4th, 2012


This show’s music, man…


Well, Hitoyoshi already annoys me almost every time he speaks or rather, gets distracted into long bouts of internal exposition, so it’s off to a spectacular start there. It’s also surprisingly cheap and poorly produced. The art’s solid at least, which is good because you get to see a lot of it just sitting there with all the stills, long pans, or my personal favorite, the random shot of a window. The music also sounds like they mugged one of Square’s composers and forced him to do the music here. There’s even music for the obligatory wacky city of mages. It could’ve worked if they were doing a better job of selling that angle of the show, but then we get back to the problem of all the stills. Swelling fantasy music playing for the grand adventure and… here’s students walking through the hallways.

Uh, I think I’ve run out of things to say already. A very by the books episode for a premise that I feel like I’ve already seen half a dozen times. Club Student council dedicated to helping people led by some ‘wacky’ female lead and her hapless sidekick who is secretly in love with her. The only particularly new thing (ignoring the chronology of what source predated what) that it adds to the mix is having the lead female strip because… why not. Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot notable here besides the overblown RPG music. And… that’s about all the impression that it left on me.


Disturbing things with dogs.

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  • thenightsshadow says:

    Huge dislike of the choice of music for the OP. It gives the feeling that the anime isn’t going to live up to the manga, whatever arbitrary feeling that is.

  • TEd says:

    ewww think im gonna stick with the manga

  • Wilfriback says:

    I didn’t know he was in drugs…

  • Melina says:

    >>Student council dedicated to helping people led by some ‘wacky’ female lead and her hapless sidekick who is secretly in love with her.

    Assuming this is going to follow the manga, this is basically what is going to happened in the first few episodes of this anime.

    After that, the plot changed drastically.

  • Kusano123 says:

    Heard this turns to a battle manga later on. But how does that make it better and how is it any different from the other bajillions of battle manga in shounen jump?

    • rubix22 says:

      It only ‘kinda’ turns into a battle manga. More than anything, the manga likes to talk about concepts of powers than actually showing action. In fact, reading the manga is very much like reading a novel with the amount of words crammed into each page. Rather than say ‘battle manga’, think of it like a thesis on various types of powers. Of course, this lasts only for a little while. Afterwards, the author goes insane and starts hating on shonen jump.

    • Dynellen says:

      The story is written by Nisio, the same guy who wrote Bakemonogatari series and Katanagatari among other things so his version of ‘battle manga’ means massive amounts of talking, some meta humor (one character declared she would end the manga before the anime starts, she failed though) and little in the way of actual battles compared to the average shounen jump action manga.

  • Serpit says:

    Considering that in his Spring Season preview, Aroduc wrote that “what amuses him about Medaka Box is that after a while, it apparently abandons it original premise and becomes X-Men”, he probably knows about the genre shift already =P

    • Spinarakk says:

      Well it pretty much does, and in my opinion I think it should be for the better seeing as gazillions of people seem to like hating on student council helping people types of anime.

      Can’t wait till the anime hits the genre shift, should be interesting.


    unless if it’s her human twin lookalike yea another Rias Gremory ok where issei & oh kamina lives again!!!

    hmm don’t give don’t eps number give of going beyond over 26eps can’t watch it till if get dub.

    unless 13eps on less i’m in.

  • fanfan says:

    Toyosaki Aki just spoil my image of medaka. a very wrong choice of seiyuu for medaka.

    i’m sticking with manga as well.