Breasts Revolution #04 — Spank The Evil Out

April 24th, 2012


I really question this world’s religious doctrine.


And this week, we have a valkyrie girl (apparently someone shrimpy knows? I try not to think about this stuff) who has magical vibrating crystals installed over her crotch and nipples on armor she can’t remove. After she escapes and runs off to the church, the nun begins trying to spank the magic out of her while her vibrating crystals… vibrate. Honestly though, after everything else the show’s done over the last two episodes, just (yes, just) vibrating underwear barely seems like anything. Last week you had a girl unlocking doors by jamming her strap-on into them and then gyrating. Sex underwear and spankings seem almost mundane in comparison. It was almost back to being just blandly horrible instead of… I don’t even know what the words are.

You’d also think that it’d make her terrible in a fight. It says a lot about Lotte’s abilities that she can barely stand her ground against someone who’s under the effects of three vibrators and spending most of the fight with her eyes closed. For that matter, where exactly is Lotte getting all these replacement breastplates anyway? She goes through them almost every episode. Maybe instead of sending random hunters out, you should just put a massive tax on G-cup breastplates across the kingdom and wait the week or two it’ll take before Lotte has to either give up or wander around everywhere naked.



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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Gren-KLAC-adier says:

    holy spank BATMAN!!!

    now got wonder can subs get here quicker.

  • sams says:

    This show product crew creative meetings must be hilarious :lol:

    Okay guys, we have had so far bouncing boobs, tits, booty, nudity, masturbation, magical underwear, rape by octopus tentacles, masturbation, strap on, and vibrators … did we forget anything ?

    • KLAC-ival Phantasm says:

      hmm let see

      1.ayako-mamiko yuri lesbian love
      2.more all star female voices
      3.get rid of all the men in QB
      4.etc etc yea think of all with kitchen sink.

  • shadow says:

    Not bad episode but pleaseee more violence in the fights
    and too bnow the episode 4 is open
    but only 2 episodes have sub.

  • Neclord X says:

    “where exactly is Lotte getting all these replacement breastplates anyway?”

    Wait, it’s not magic equipment? Since she appears without armor one scene, then with armor in the next I assumed her necklace summons armor as it summons shields and spears.

  • KLAC-vengers says:

    poor mirim being treated as ymir’s crash test dummy for the armor with magical stones.

    yea really give get vibrate, holy spank, etc really like i got feeling rescue mirim arc is one of the stories on it.

    yea give huit also get to see her “onii-chan” also flashback she has for a a flower to give.

    lol at lunaluna trying but oh wrap queen’s army & blasted to a tree.

    oh indeed a force distubance is here as queen clau show her power on mirim.