Aquarion EVOL #15 — Sweet Nothings

April 8th, 2012


Kagura is awful at foreplay.


Very solid episode from start to finish, although the XXs mostly continue to let down the side. I’m including Mikage and his plot convenience teleporting powers among that. Zessica just sat Amata down in the middle of the manhunt and told him that one of Cayenne’s visions was Mikono as Sylphie with Kagura as Apollo. At the same time, Mikono’s girly parts were full of confusion from Kagura saying the same after whispering in her ear how much he hates her and is going to kill her. Then he licked her and her bunny, making it flush and quiver. I don’t even want to touch the innuendos there. She then predictibly got in Amata’s way when he was conflicted about shooting the crazy uy who has been decimating their city. Said psychopath probably isn’t sure whether he wants to do her or eat her, but destiny. And plot convenience feelings of confliction based on magic. Le sigh. At least Mix went full-out combination attack with Andy. Way to keep the women from being completely useless, girlfriend, even if you just ended up tossed aside for not being smelly enough a few seconds later.

But anyway, Kagura did his job as antagonist by taking out most of the cast. The general artistic integrity did take a hit this week, most likely from the added effort of actually animating action this week instead of getting to use the cheap CG mechs, but at least they didn’t embarrass themselves in the fights. Amata seems to be gaining better control of his powers and doing a good job ignoring all of the destiny nonsense as well he should. There was a hiccup at the big confrontation moment though. He used his newly gained grave-connection-to-others powers from last week to make SUPER WINGS, culminating in… distracting Kagura so that Cayenne could shoot him in the back. This antagonist just took on your entire class of what are basically X-Men singlehandedly, and he goes down to Gun-Haver? Sigh. Gun-Haver really is the mightiest super hero in all the lands.


This guy? He can do things besides drive bad CG cars?

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kaon says:

    nooooooo kagura¡¡T.T

  • Wilfriback says:

    The guy was creepy so I don’t care.

  • inuhanyou says:

    for those of us who actually were around to watch the first series when it premiered, i really hope that isn’t the end of Kagura.

    The theme of destiny and 12,000 years of love goes back to the themes of this entire thing, its something that’s not going to go away

    • Benigmatica says:

      Hmm, I wonder if Satelight can include the split halves of Apollo just like the split halves of Celiane from Aquarion?

      • bk47 says:

        yeh I get the feel that its kagura and Amata that make a full apollo
        for extra cheese Zessica may be part of the mix with Mikono too

  • Kaisos says:

    Yay, Malloy actually gets to fight next week.

  • Mikako says:

    Well, Kagura at least makes the PARTY and if he does Mikono then Zessica probably gets Amata and Zessica just deserves to get what the hell she wants even if it’s that generic, boring mc.

  • bk47 says:

    I dont get why some of you think kagura is dead that was a cherry blossom clone the real body is at mikages