Listen to What Your Father Says! #10 — Whose-His-Face Almost Gets Some

March 13th, 2012


Then we all remember that he has no penis.



I guess I should at least note Feel’s feelness for the week. Raika once again solves problems by shoving them between her breasts. Their neighbor also got drunk because her contract ran out which meant that she forgot her bra somewhere because she was flopping around like nobody’s business. Maybe anime breasts are actually some manner of alcohol-filled balloons. That’d explain both why they move like water beds half the time and why most o their bearers seem unable to form a coherent thought. There was also slow pan up Miu as she was sprawled on the ground with her legs splayed. Really subtle, Feel.

Mostly though, I can’t believe the show is still rehashing "our new life is hard." We’ve covered this… for 8 of the last 10 episodes. The only two we haven’t were the ones where your parents weren’t dead stranded on a Hawaiian orgy island. If this was a Spanish soap opera, then Miu would have probably already been forced to marry to El Generalissimo before being saved by El Guapo who was really Raika with a sock stufed down her pants and a giant fake mustache. Maybe if it wasn’t so bloody hamfisted. "I’m going to sacrifice something I love for my family. Wait, here’s someone else sacrificing something they love… that’s not right! I have learned a valuable lesson. And then everything else works out so nothing has to change." Then there’s a 50% chance that they’ll end up in the bath together.


Drama eye!

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  • Wilfriback says:


  • Nan says:

    >some manner of alcohol-filled balloons

    I always liked the gravitational singularities theorem, since they have their own physics, warp plot reality and make the bearer appear to be so slow they’re in stasis. Yours is easier to understand though.

  • jingoi says:

    Maybe if MC was created with a penis he would react the right way (Tap it). Most non h-anime males shall be known as ken dolls instead of males.

  • pata says:

    The end card made me remember a terrible, terrible anime…

  • Jack says:

    For fuck’s sake, THEY ALL SING AGAIN! Who are they, the fucking Waltons? Argh. They’re so terrible and it’s just so hamfisted. So when the parents return from their orgy, are they all going to sleep in the same room and sing “Kumbayah”?

    Ah, well at least the lighting director managed to render the lens flare in the correct direction. The lens flares are usually backward in these low budget shows,

  • The Phantom says:

    Why are you reviewing this horrible show? Is not even good to make fun of it…


    so sora ep this week

    give so much to do for sora from school, choir, grade, cooking, etc indeed stress kick in.
    so left the choir & bad cooking.
    more oh no va lady got no work as well give her characters got “future endeavors” go drunk.
    days later sora bit hmm so go laundry meet va lady.
    some talk give like doing va works & etc.
    sora on eggs then get call raika on cooking so sora go relax & etc.
    then sora goes hmm but here come raika to help sora even asking give raika a hug.
    now looking bit ok a bit then sora & yuuta some talk.
    after all that sora is back so back in choir club & va lady got another role too due to sora talk & make good eggs cooking.

    all is good now next ep hmm like something going to happen?

  • eternia says:

    Indeed, the phantom.

    I haven’t watched this episode after the crap episode of elementary school girl prostitution. Not only it’s plot-less, the fanservice is no good as well, or rather : crime.

    Good idea there. I wish the parents is still alive. They come back and trash the dick-less guy for taking their daughters as his own.

    • Jack says:

      My guess is that the parents are still alive.

      The way the show is handling their deaths is lackadaisically absurd. The parents “deaths” are a plot device exploited by the writers to add all the Pedobear eye candy.

      It’s as if who ever created this series saw “Usagi Drop” and said, “oh hey, let’s do that, but add a bunch of semi blood related underage shots of naked girls to the mix and leave out all the heady death crap because nobody will actually be dead!”

      I suppose if the show ends and the parents are actually dead and not stuck at O’Hare International like the rest of the world, I’ll eat my words. Wouldn’t be the first time.