Listen to What Your Father Says! #09 — Schoolgirl Prostitution

March 6th, 2012


All this for a shoe buff.

On most other Feel shows, that’d be a euphemism for some kind of sexual act liable to get you sent to jail.

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And on a very special episode of What’s Not Happening, Miu engages in schoolgirl prostitution because her shoes got dirty and she wanted new ones. This also meant that we got not one, not two, but three montages before it even hit the 14 minute mark. They were also in some kind of foreign city of horrors where everything was CG. The train was bad enough, but then there were CG people everywhere too… shuffling around like zombies with their freakish stilt limbs jerkily drifting across the ground.

And that’s about it. Miu was sad her shoes got stepped on, who’s-his-face took her out on a date and spent the buck fifty to have them cleaned and teach her the valuable life lesson of… I don’t even know. Compelling family drama. The only other things of note in the episode that I can recall are the obligatory-but-rare-for-this-show panty shots while they were running up the stairs at the start and Miu’s crotch being launched into the camera. Also, Hina’s grinning a little too happily about being naked in the bath with still-don’t-remember-his-name. That’s what happens when nobody bloody uses it and you’re so indistinctive that not even mold will bother growing on you.




Generica majorus.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    I wonder if Shuntaro would still be considered a lolicon if he and Kouichi switched roles?

  • Newprimus says:

    I can’t believe she hung out with the pimp, lol

    • TMH says:

      I can. Of the three girls, Miu is the one most able to keep up with him. Sora’s brain with overheat from embarrassment then shut down…

      …oh, wait.


    so this ep an all miu ep

    sora & miu going to school give hina said watch out for trains.
    sora & miu on the train then get crowed & finally at school.
    miu doing usual school doing give some people talking of miu’s probs at home.
    miu bit hmm some talk with sora on phone here nimura.
    so they go around from water aquarium, lunch, etc.
    then miu see shoes give looking at glass shoes but don’t worry not buying glass shoe.
    but she got her “glass shoes” her shoes all clean up from shoe cleaner with help from nimura.
    yea long fun time with nimura back home & girls keep their secret.

    wonder what next ep going to happen?

  • Jack says:

    An angel dies every second this show is on air. There was a bad edit in this episode. An extraneous flag frame. I’m surprised they let it broadcast.

    And they sang. Argh.

  • ewan says:

    THAT CG CROWD!!!!! THEY EVEN USED THE EXACT MODEL FOR THE “ELEMENTARY” KIDS. I’m okay with legless crowds but CG is just so wrong… It’s like watching roger rabbit, instead with animated characters living together with CG people…

  • eternia says:

    School Girl Prostitution!!
    That title is really something.
    Thanks goodness I am not in the middle of drinking something, or I might get choked.
    This episode is so wrong on many levels.
    Even as a joke, why is this creep dating an elementary school girl? Where is the policeman when you need them the most? LOL.
    If this is a hentai anime, I bet he will take her to a love hotel as the final destination.