Guilty Crown #21 — Scooters Away!

March 15th, 2012


The only thing lamer was the Sacred Seven moped.


A fairly dull episode for the most part, at least in the ways that GC is normally amusing. Oh sure, it began with Gai having a vision about being naked and waist deep in liquid while talking to a magical boy, and then when the attack began, Shu was tooling around on something that looked like the mutated love child of a scooter and a segway. He was also told to go off and find Inori and his "Happy End," so… yeah. I know I say a lot that anime should simplify their stories away from their overblown worlds to the characters, but reducing this down to "ride your scooter to save the damsel in distress" seems… well… perfectly in line for Guilty Crown honestly.

There were some surprises, like the bomber kid from waaaaaaaaay back when just randomly popping up before disappearing again. I had completely forgot that he existed. Aaah, the heady days when I thought he might be slightly important or relevant. Inori/Mana also started singing again. Remember way back in episode 10 or so when that cured the virus? Again, heady days, terrible writing, etc. I guess the main/only big event was Shu having his showdown with the magical boy. I’m still not sure what the point of him was. Or how he worked for that matter. You could tell just how important he was to the plot when Shu had to ask those questions too. In true Guilty Crown form, his response was to summon an apple. And then they kung-fu fought.

At least it was a passable fight in terms of production. Sense? Good god, no, although I chuckled when Shu’s morality speech made Inori cry a single tear which turned into a flower. And then she evolved into Jenova Mana… again. Did they get the notes from the end of the first half mixed up with this episode?

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  • alex says:

    fuck the police I’m on my swagway

  • Anonymous says:

    Daryl is ironman now?

  • sterling01 says:

    So whose Void had the power to make a giant red ball?

  • Kefit says:

    Fuck yeah hover segway to the rescue

  • Anonymous says:


  • UltimaLuminaire says:

    Sacred Seven and Guilty Crown, huh? I still can’t understand why so many people like these shows so much.