Zero F #07 — Naked Desert Elf Breeding Programs

February 17th, 2012


Why else would they walk around their village naked?


Well wasn’t this spastic? It began with Tabitha getting ready to finally leave to go do… whatever the hell it is at her home that she had to do. Then that was delayed by the merry band of assassins showing up and a brief fight. Neither of these events have a single thing to do with the rest of the episode. In fact, everybody just kind of forgets about them because a bunch of desert elves popped up, knocked everyone out, and carted Tifa and Saito off to their oasis village for a secret breeding program. That’s how I choose to believe it. I also choose to believe that they’re not actually elves, but crazy irradiated mutants worshipping the crashed jet in the middle of their lake. Sure, it’s stretching a little bit to assume that it was carrying a nuclear payload that would have mutated normal desert nomads into thinking that they’re elves, but then I remember that last week was an episode all about taking baths. The truth is just the usual Madlib based combination of "Gandalfr", "Magic" and "Half-elf" anyway.

So off in the secret elf nudist breeding camp, the first thing Saito does after waking up is notice that there are breasts nearby and begin rubbing them. It’s not like the last memory he has is being in a losing fight for his life or anything. He then goes skinny dipping with Tifa. Meanwhile, practically every single named character goes flying off to find them while an instrumental version of one of the OPs plays to show their immense resolve and emotion surrounding this event that happened four minutes ago and has already been shown to have nothing going on but wet elves being naked around him. I think you may have overshot that one, JC Staff.


Lots of shots of eyes.

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