Shana â…¢ #20 — Bear Cavalry

February 24th, 2012


Inertia is really all that’s carrying me at this point.

Coverage of Zero will almost certainly be an hour or two late tonight. Things to do, appointments to keep, etc.


Fantastic, another episode of the same. Watch the fight that matters? Naaaah. Why do that? Let’s instead listen to inconsequential side characters talk in a washed-out story book. A few slow pans over them will give the illusion of animation there. Oh, think we’re getting back to the fight? Of course not. Here’s those Flame Hazes that we never properly introduced barbecuing some denizens. Then let’s go back to the guy without a face, because animating mouths costs money. And then, since we’ve given up on competent writing entirely after last week introduced a magical flying van, Shana used FLAME FIST, the move she was practicing back in like… episode 4, to overcome the combined power of Yuuji and the Snake and… –CLIFFHANGER–

I guess the pointless "Flame Hazes wave hands and denizens explode" bits were slightly better animated than usual, but you’ll notice that there’s not an empty fifth of vodka at my feet nor is my face painted like a kitty, so I’m clearly not celebrating. Maybe it’s because this is about the tenth iteration of that this season so far. And in the main fight the way they kept flashing across every single character to gasp whenever anything at all happened got in the way of that building up any kind of lingering momentum this show may have left in the face of padding and cheesiness. I’d rather watch the Mystery Mobile tool around, solving crimes with the help of the Globe Trotters or Abbott and Costello. It certainly couldn’t be much worse than cutting away from a fight to determine the fate of the world every five seconds because wait, somebody somewhere is talking about something! Thrilling.



More of the same.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Kefit says:

    Hey man, random Sydony Dragon out of nowhere was pretty novel at least. It had really good animation too for a few seconds!

    Of course the rest of the episode is indeed exactly what you say it is. I can’t stop laughing my ass off at the bard though, so I probably “enjoyed” this episode more than I should have.