Listen to What Your Father Says! #08 — Naked Moral Time

February 28th, 2012


Yawn. Same ol’, same ol’.


Pretty much as expected. Within 10 minutes, the landlady was spazzing out over Hina and within 15, she was naked in the bath with her and had learned the true meaning/value of family. Of course, they had to pile all sorts of other conveniences on top of it… like her actually being the daughter of the real landlady who was already friends with the little walking deus ex machina as well as every possibly gimmicky house hunting thing imaginable. "This is so emotional and tragic. Look at the lighting we’re using. He’s in complete darkness… Now here’s a perfect house you could live in, except it has ghosts." That’s not even a good joke, let alone a sensical one.

And thus the one thing that’s happened in the show so far was resolved within ten minutes by the power of people doing nothing. *golf clap*



Miu prostitutes herself for beanie babies.

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  • Jack says:

    …like her actually being the daughter of the real landlady who was already friends with the little walking deus ex machina…

    Damn…I was hoping they’d take the “get married to Raika” route. If they had, when the real parents (his sister) show up at the end of the series (because we all know they aren’t dead), then mass nothingness would of ensued as they all piled into the bathtub for the closing credits.

    Ah well…one road less traveled is more for me.

  • DmonHiro says:

    Well then if she was the daughter of the landlady, she couldn’t have kicked them out, could she?


    ok now all thing are safe & well

    3 sisters on another shop time while yuta meet landlady for more time on room.
    yuta on what to oh here raika during with his fantasy sorta got mix to saying yea mama raika?
    yuta on hmm so raika & etc show some apartment places with sora.
    room 1 hmm wandering spirits, room 2 only for yuta & sora cause kouta-lookalike doing get pwn’d by raika fan, room 3 hmm maybe.
    meanwhile landlady meet hina oh you make hina cry ice cream attack.
    then yuta go meet landlady again for room time.
    while hina & landlady bath give miu also asking for more room time.
    when yuta & sora arrive here come landlady’s mom to help in.
    so landlady let them stay give she want hina too.
    all check sora & miu on school, hina on daycare, etc all safe.

    next ep is miu ep.

  • ToshiroNoRonin says:

    I believe in this show it would be pronounced “Deus ex macHINA.”